Your Ads Are So Old Fashioned

Want to advertise on Facebook?

You better not want to use the same tried and true ads that everyone else does.

Because ads that look like all the other ads online won’t cut it anymore.

And soon Facebook won’t be the only site where ads that used to be standard will look ancient compared to new ads.

Do you remember when the New York Times began to phase out the classic banner ads that show up on most websites.


Because they look like what everyone expects an ad looks like.

We’ve all seen banner ads so many times that we don’t even pay attention to them.

And that’s why the biggest sites in the world are changing their ads to look like content rather than advertising.

This is good and bad for online advertisers.

The good news is that online ads will look different to consumers, and that means a greater chance of making a sale.

The bad news is that advertisers won’t be able to rely on the traditional and standardised format that they’ve come to know and love.

And that doesn’t just mean that you’ll have to be more creative if you want to earn any money online, you’ll have to figure out how to handle the new formats.

You could worry about it, or you could join The 12 Minute Affiliate System.

The 12 Minute Affiliate online business system that where affiliates don’t have to create ads.

All they do is place ads and get paid.

The 12 Minute affiliates don’t even have to close any deals.

But they still earn commissions worth thousands of dollars.

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Joseph Smith

One System That Delivers More Than It Promises

We all know what a Rickroll is.

If you don’t, just look here.

Rickrolling is basically just clickbait.

But instead of an ad or a spam page the link takes you to Rick Astley singing “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

It’s one of the most popular and goofy internet trends.

And that’s how most online “affiliate marketing” sites work too.

They promise you something very good.

And deliver something very different…and very disappointing.

And they’re on the other side of the internet laughing their butts off…and looking for their next mark.

Tired of getting rickrolled?

Want an online business that delivers MORE than it promises?

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Joseph Smith

Why You Should Act Like A Baby

When we are born we only have two fears.

Loud noises and falling.

Other than that, we’re afraid of nothing.

We LEARN to be afraid of public speaking or spiders or whatever else you’re afraid of.

And you know what that means?

There was a time when you were not afraid of failure.

It’s time to go back to that no-fear place.

If you can bust through your fear of doing “what everybody else does” you might get to the place you really want to be:

In just two years 12 Minute affiliates earned over millions in commissions.

And you can too.

All you have to do is overcome a little bit of fear.

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Why You Should Go For The (1.7 Million Tunas)

$1.7 Million Tunas, And An Essential Lesson For Your Home Business
Why You Should Go For The Big Fish ($1.7 Million Tunas)
The “Bluefin Tuna” Method For Success Online

The bluefin tuna is considered a delicacy by connoisseurs.

And it’s not cheap.

A single fish can easily fetch $5,000 in the market.

It’s not uncommon for the fish to cost upwards of $7,000.

Some have been known to sell at over $100,000.

The most expensive bluefin ever sold?


Now, these fish aren’t easy to catch.

They can swim at 40 mph.

They’re strong. Large bluefins weigh 800+ lbs. of boat-towing muscle.

But it’s worth the extra effort.

Because a single fish can pull a huge profit.

Consider how many small, $20 or even $50 fish you’d have to catch to make up for just one $7,000 bluefin: between 100-300.

So why all the talk about fish?

It serves as a good illustration for an important principle in online business.

In your online business, you can take one of two approaches:

(1) You can attempt to sell lots of low-ticket products.

What are “low-ticket” products? Products with a small price tag.

They’re easier to sell. But because you don’t make much off of them, you have to sell a LOT of them.


(2) You can attempt to sell a few high-ticket products.

This is the “bluefin tuna” way.

Go for the big fish.

They’re hard to tackle… but you just need a handful to make your monthly earnings.

So overall, it’s far EASIER to pull a profit from the big fish.

CLICKBANK teaches you the “bluefin tuna” way of pulling a profit online.

And it not only walks you through the steps of how to sell high-ticket products.

It also GIVES you done-for-you, high-ticket products to sell.

Which is partly why the program has been so successful.

People using this system have earned over $59,000,000 in commissions.

There’s no way they could have earned those numbers had they been selling small-ticket products.

Ready to learn how start your online business?

The “Bluefin tuna” way?

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Joseph Smith

How To Turn Chaos Into Money

How do you leverage the internet to make money?

Same way you leverage a deck of playing cards to “make” enjoyment.

Here’s what I mean:

The internet is like a deck of cards.

If you don’t know how to USE it…

If you don’t know the “game rules”…

It’s just a random, chaotic assortment of numbers and images.

-It won’t entertain you.
-It won’t be useful to you.
-It won’t do you a lick of good.


When you learn the rules to a card game…

Everything changes.

What was before a chaotic, boring assortment of cardstock can turn into hours of screaming, frantic, or strategic fun.

So how do leverage a deck of cards to “make” hours of fun?

Learn the “game rules.”

How do you leverage the internet to make money?

Learn the game rules.

The 12 Minute Affiliate System teaches you the strategies and principles you need to know in order to turn the internet into a money-making powerhouse.

In a few steps, it teaches you how to:

-set up a sales funnel
-drive traffic into that funnel
-start making big commissions online

While ALSO giving you:

-done-for-you products
-done-for-you selling
-done-for-you order fulfillment
-done-for-you customer service

So that YOU can focus on driving traffic into the funnel, without having to worry about the rest.

People using this method have made overwhelming  results in commissions.

Which means that this system has worked before.

And it’ll work again. Sign up below to get started.

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Joseph Smith

Turn Your Computer Into A Goldmine

Your computer was a huge waste of money.

How do you use your computer at home?

For work? Maybe. But most people like to leave their work at the office if they can. And even if you do work from sometimes you probably don’t get nearly as much as you do at the office.

So what do you use your home computer for?

Maybe for emails. But again most of that gets done at work. Facebook? Getting closer. The good employee doesn’t get on Facebook at work so all that social media time has to be made up at home. Maybe you use your computer to research products or plan vacations. And every once in a while you kill a few hours by watching videos on YouTube.

All those things are good and fun. But the problem is you could do all that from your phone.

You can answer emails. You can spend hours on Facebook. You can book trips and research products. You can waste away watching YouTube videos all from your phone.

And that makes your home computer a huge waste of money.

But all that would change if you worked from it.

Take a second and imagine your life if you worked from home. There would be no commute every morning and afternoon and no spending money on gas. You’d be completely in control of your schedule and your work environment. And of course your home computer would be worth what you spent on it.

Now you have a chance to make it all reality with .

The 12 Minute Affiliate System is an easy to use online system that turns home computers into goldmines.
How much will your home computer earn you?

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Why Are You Being Held Back !!!

Summertime is movie time.

Which means that in the next couple of months multi-million dollar films will roll out of a studio system specifically designed to make money for the studios. And mediocre films.

That means there are a ton of talented people being held back by the film industry. You’re probably thinking, “I’m not in the film industry so why should I care?” But you should care because you could be one of those people even if you work in a cubicle 9-5.

Take a look at the film An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn. The film is about a director who wants to make a movie that shows Hollywood for what is really is. A bunch of greedy executives cutting up great films so they can make the most money possible.

So in the film the main character makes his film and it trashes Hollywood. Of course the studio executives see the film and revise it so it’s more Hollywood friendly.

But here’s the crazy part.

While they were making this movie the studio was doing exactly the same thing. Of course the people who put millions of dollars into the film wanted it to make as much money as possible. And an angry film about Hollywood wasn’t going to do it.

So they recut the film so much that the director wouldn’t even put his real name on it by the time it was released. Even the lead actors were saying the film was terrible.

But what does this have to do with average Joe and his cubicle?

When the people at the top of the ladder rely on the people below them to fill their wallets they’ll take serious action to make sure it happens.

In the film industry that means executives taking control of films. In the real world it could mean your boss telling you exactly what to do and when to do it or even being fired.

But you can leave that all behind and make money for yourself now.

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Joseph Smith

This Ancient Roman Trick Will Make You A Fortune Today

You may not believe that an ancient Roman trick can help you earn a living from home.

But you’d be wrong.

This trick won’t just let you to earn a living from your own computer. It will earn you a fortune.

Here’s how.

Archeologists were recently working at a Roman battle sight in Scotland when they found something strange. Rocks about the size of an acorn with holes drilled through them. Other rock like these have been found and historians always thought that the rocks were fired out of hand held slings and the holes were for poison.

But these rocks wouldn’t break skin and the holes were too small to hold poison. The archeologists were stumped.

Then they got the answer form somewhere they never expected. John Reid (one of the archeologists) had a brother who was a fisherman. After telling him about the mystery, his brother told him that some of his fishing weights have holes in them that whistle when they’re in the air.

And Reid had the answer.

The Romans didn’t use the stones to physically harm their enemies. They used them to scare them.

Soldiers would fling the stones just above the heads of the soldiers. The stones whistled and the enemy soldiers naturally kept their heads down. Not only scarring them but limiting their vision.

They used simple tools that everyone had in a unique way to get incredible results. And now you can do the exact same thing to earn yourself a fortune from your own computer.

The 12 Minute Affiliate is an online system that earns its affiliates thousands every week by placing ads on the most popular websites on earth. Everyone can do it. But no one does it as well as CLICKBANK.

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Are You Trying To Skim Through Life?

Do you remember when the last Harry Potter book came out?

If you didn’t already have a copy of the book on hold then you had no chance of getting one. And even the people who did waited in out-the-door lines just to get their reserved copy. But that still didn’t stop the book from selling 11 million copies on the first day it was released.

But 47 minutes after the book was released one woman told reporters she had already read the book. She got the book at the same time as everyone else. She had the same copy as everyone else. The only difference was she could read at 4,200 words per minute.

The woman’s name was Anne Jones and she claimed that she read all 784 pages in under an hour. Reporters tested her knowledge of the plot and she passed.

Imagine if you could read that fast.

But Don’t try too hard. Because there are no shortcuts to being knowledgeable.

There’s another name for speed reading. It’s skimming.

There’s a part of the eye called the fovea that is responsible for making out what we see. It’s very small and can only focus on a word or two at a time. Even very good readers can only read around 300 words a minute.

The only way to read faster is to increase your vocabulary and the rate at which you identify words.

Which requires…. you guessed it- More Reading.

There are no short cuts to knowing about something just like there are no shortcuts to earning a fortune.

If you try to make a quick buck chances are you’ll fail. And even if you do you’ll be getting a fish without learning how to fish.

So don’t skim your way to a quick buck when it comes to making money online. Use Click Bank.

If you’re looking to get rich quick look somewhere else. But if you’re looking to earn a fortune from your own computer click below to learn more about making money online.

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Are You A Hero Or A Coward ?

Are you a hero or a coward?

Before you answer know that just because you’re afraid doesn’t make you a coward. The hero and the coward are both afraid. It’s what they do that makes them different.

When the hero and the coward don’t have enough money coming in every month to keep the lights on and food on the table they are both afraid.

But the coward takes the first chance they have to fix the problem. They find a short term solution that will keep them afloat until their next crisis. Then they do it all over again.

The hero doesn’t try to hide from their fear though. They use it to push themselves to new levels of discipline. They stay up all night trying to find a way to make sure they don’t have a reason to be afraid. They learn from their mistakes and grow from them.

So. Are you a hero or a coward?

If you can’t stand your desk job or your paycheck isn’t worth 8 hours of your life every day then here’s your chance to decide.

The coward might find a promotion to go after and hope that one day they’ll get it. At best they’ll leave cubicle to sit in another cubicle for a little more money. But chances are they’ll find a quick way to get rid of their fear that doesn’t help in the long run.

The hero learns to deal with their fear by finding real solutions to their problems.

The 12 Minute Affiliate System is one of those solutions. Sign up today

The 12 Minute Affiliate System is not just a get rich quick solution. It will take some discipline and focus to be successful. But if you have what it takes you can earn thousands from your computer every week without ever dealing with a customer or handling a product.

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