Do This And Change Your Life

Small shifts to big successes…

Upgrade your environment – even in a small way – and you may change your life…

Quite often?

Our environment and routine is linked to our past.

Changing that link requires changing up our environment and routine.

Upgrading our work space, working from a coffee shop, or from a posh hotel from time to time…

Attending masterminds, events, and being a part of support groups.

All of these things can jolt us into action and to getting the results we want for ourselves and our families.

This is one reason why attending masterminds in exotic locales is often life-changing for those willing to put forth the effort to SHOW UP.

Your environment is changed. Your routine is changed.

You’re around successful, like minded, positive people.

And you get to mingle with many millionaires and people DOING what you want to do.

(And yes, many will be open to sharing their “secrets” with you.)


Again, you can start changing your environment today. Even if it’s just something small.

Do it.

And if you need more support…

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Here for you.



Joseph Smith

Are You Committing This Side-Gig Sin?

Try this out, asap…

One of the top things that holds many back from getting the results they want in their side-gig?


It’s like the guy and girl that have a great first date?

The woman wants the man to call her up. But he doesn’t because he’s afraid of rejection, or he doesn’t know if it’s too soon? Or, too late?

So LOVE, which is what they both desire, ends up taking the back seat.

The plain, simple truth?

If we don’t follow-up and help people get what they want? We’re stabbing THEM and OURSELVES in the foot.

Does that make sense?

That’s why we must ensure we have a stellar follow-up SYSTEM in place…

===> One like this one (proven to work)

We need a system that follows-up from getting the lead to getting the sale.

Preferably from more than just one channel. (Just in case one dries up.)

Ads, email, live events, masterminds, direct mail, webinars and more…

If you’re open to help?

And to using a proven follow-up system that can land you $1K to $10K commissions like lockwork?

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This does most all the hard work for you. 

In your corner.



Joseph Smith

Meet The Micro-Biz Revolution

Did you see this?

Hey there, I hope you’re well!

Quick note here, as I wanted to tell you about a fancy new term going around.

It’s called the “microbusiness revolution”.

Heard of it yet?

Basically, it’s defined as a NEW way to earn a great living, while crafting a life packed with more purpose and independence.

(Way more than most get from their current j-o-bs!)

Now if you want a great income and a great lifestyle… there’s a certain plan that’s proven to work time and time again:

Freedom = our WANT.
Value = the HOW we’ll do it.

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Joseph Smith

PS Once we create enough “value” the income and freedom usually takes care of itself.

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Escape The Rat Race, With Ease…

Align these numbers with your goals, ASAP…

Many would love to fire their boss-hole and escape the 9 to 5 rat race as soon as is humanly possible.

Wherever you’re currently at…

A necessary patht to take is to realize the economics involved.

A simple way to do this? Is to think of it in terms of hourly pay.

If you’re in an online business and are only getting $7 commissions, how many “hours” will it take you to hit $334.00 per day?

(Which is roughly the daily income you’ll need to hit $10K months.)

What if you’re getting $97 commissions?
How many hours would it take then?

What if you found a plan where you are getting bigger commissions? Anywhere from $1K to $10K?

It wouldn’t take many “hours” to get to $10K months with big commissions like $1K to $10K, would it? 

This is the power of considering the economics of your business model.

It’s the difference between thinking, earning, and living like a low-wage employee, or a highly-sought-after CEO.

===> Earn, Live, and Play Like a CEO


If this is a fit for you, you can get your first commission up to $1K or more, as soon as the next 30 days.

You’ll need to be a real go-getter!

===> OK, I can put at least 30 to 60 minutes per day into this right now…


Hope this helps!

Joseph Smith

Ignore This And Hit Full-Time Income On The Side…

The K.I.S.S. principle at work in full force.

Simplicity is one of the great joys of life.

Our mind remains clear, and it’s one of the best ways to dramatically boost our income…

Getting things there though isn’t always simple, right? Many folks lives these days are at the polar opposite end of simple…

Their lives are muddled up with overwhelm, confusion, anxiety, and hopelessness.

So, check out this quote for a good tip…

“Learning to ignore things is one of the greatest paths to inner peace.” -Robert J Sawyer How can we get things to more simple?

So we can earn great incomes, working less, and stressing less?

By being able to IGNORE the 80% of things that doesn’t matter. And just focus on the 20% that does.

The less you’ve got on your plate, the easier things can be, right? And the more effective you can be.

What is there on your plate right now that you could take off, or is unimportant enough that you could just ignore it, or let it go?

Hope this helps!

This is why I also recommend this system I personally use…

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You’re able to ignore most of the complicated processes and steps to running a business, because it’s already taken care of for you…

You just focus on the important front end task of driving leads. (They’ll show you how to easily do this, if you’ve got 30 to 60 min.
a day to start.)

You end up with a lean, mean, simple biz.

And you can get your first commission up to $1K in the next 30 days.

After we hit that goal, you can get to $10K months from there. (A 90 day or less goal)

You in?

===> Yes, I’m in…

It’s easy to get rolling today. And you get a coach to help and support you. Again, most of this business is handled for you.

You just send leads, which they’ll show you how… and you can let them handle nearly all the rest.

It’s probably the simplest biz model I know of.



Joseph Smith

Why Most Fail In This Biz…( Try This To Succeed )

Conquers fears of failing, replaces it with more fulfillment, freedom, and income…

Why do so many hop into this business, full of good intentions, but they don’t do anything with what they learn?

While I do get the “discomfort” of trying out new things…

Oftentimes, it’s simply fear of failure being placed in the wrong spots.

For example, many hard-working, smart and savvy people may let fear get in the way of them running their first Facebook Ad.

Or to send out their first marketing related email, or to put on a webinar and make an offer.

But here’s the thing…

Even a very IMPERFECT ad, email, or webinar can get you to $10K per month in profit. (Or, much more that.)

Imperfect actions is what drives results.

Just my thoughts here, but it could be more effective if we view what we are doing as “versions”?

(Sort of like Apple, FB, Microsoft, and just about every other business does.)

This way you can get something out the door, but it doesn’t have to be perfect.

It’s Version 1.0

If version 1 blows up, that’s fine.

But more than likely…

You’ll start getting leads and sales, and you can always improve to 2.0 later on if you’d like.

If you can just DO IT… with massive imperfect action, the payoff can be very big for you.

And it’ll always be worth it.:-)

If you’d like help?

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Most of the work has already been done.

You’ll just have to be willing to follow their simple plan to drive leads into your business you can have access to.

Which can result in up to $1K to $10K commissions rolling your way.

All by taking consistent, little, imperfect actions.

===> OK, I’m willing to do that…



Joseph Smith

If You’r Not Popping Out Of Bed Happy …Free)

Prerequisites and requirements inside…

Do you know the STATS?

92%+ folks that hop online and want to change their life, never will.

They’ll buy the courses.
They’ll dream of freedom.
And they’ll lather. rinse. repeat.

Usually they won’t even TRY to get a result they want.


Here’s a quote to remember:

“Life doesn’t transform by consuming insights, but by TESTING them.”


Most people don’t start because they are afraid they’ll make one eeny teeny mistake.

Yet that is a PART of the process!
It MUST happen.

Just like a plane traveling from one spot to another must course correct MANY times.

Better to take hold of the quote above?

The failure has nothing to do with you or your worth. You’re amazing. Simply view it as an “experiment” towards getting you what you want.

Willing to do that?
Again, it’s a prerequisite.

The result of viewing this biz like you are a scientist in the lab, testing what works, and learning from what doesn’t?

It can result in a life most only dream of.

I don’t say that lightly:-)

===> Try this out (proven, step-by-step)

It may get you to $10K mos, part-time.
Don’t forget to check out the guarantee.

All the best.



Joseph Smith

Push Button Tricks Not Required

It’s a process, not a secret.

If you’d like to earn significantly more, without working more?

It doesn’t require some “push button” secret or little-known strategy.

All you need to do is put out MORE offers of perceived value (OPV).

Need to earn more?
Make more offers of value to others.

Then adjust accordingly to your income goals.

Cash is SIMPLY an exchange of value.

Would you pay $1K for an ebook?
Not likely…

Would you invest $1K for a system that can get you $1K back in 30 days, with less than 30 minutes per day of work?

And then you can hit $10K months in 90 days or less? (Plus you get help & a personal coach…)

THAT is an OPV (offer of perceived value)

Make sense?

This stuff doesn’t have to be hard.

Another thing you can do is increase the VALUE (and profits) of your offers.

===> This gets you $1K to $10K DFY COMMISSIONS like clockwork…

You’ll need to be willing to use their step-by-step traffic plan.

Then the system can land big deals for you on the back-end of their biz model.

You also get a COACH to support you right now, although I’m not sure how long spots will be open?

Here for you.



Joseph Smith

Tip From The 4-Hour Work Week…( Work Less, More Pay )

Independence and income starts here.

I feel one of the top reasons Tim Ferriss book, The 4-Hour Workweek, has been such a top hit for years and years…

Is that it opens up the “possibility” for many people, that there are other options outside of the normal 9 to 5, grind it out type of lifestyle that most are stuck in.

Because here’s a powerful truth very few will ever realize, much less stop and implement for themselves and their families:

We can DESIGN our life to exactly how we want it!

Just as a home and our clothing all have designers?

We can either design our life to give us everything we ever wanted out of it..

Or, we can stay stuck, living within the constraints and designs of OTHERS.

It all begins by sitting down with a pad and pen, and jotting down exactly how our ideal DAYS and YEARS look like for us and us alone.

Now I’m not sure where you’re at right now?

But if you’d like to work less hours, and still earn a lucrative income on the side?

If that fits within your designs…

May I suggest you check this out?

===> Yes, show me how to work less and earn more, part-time…

People from all walks of life, young and old, are doing very well with this system that’s bringing them high-ticket commissions on the side, consistent as clockwork.

In your corner.


Joseph Smith

You Got 30 Minutes A Day ( 10K+ MO Potential )

The first step to getting what we want (and deserve) in our life is to get CLEAR on what “blanket statements” mean to us.

Without this clarity our chance of success gets drowned out in the murky muddy pool of confusion and overwhelm…

For example:


What does that mean, FOR YOU?

Millions in the bank?
A worry free life, with zero debt?

Maintaining a certain standard of living?
Getting rich and staying rich?

Again, if we’re not clear about what we personally want, we won’t be able to put together a clear plan to make it happen.

Owning a Lambo may not light us up, but being debt free and having $300K sitting in the bank, free-and-clear MAY??

I don’t know what it is for you?

Yet, here’s what I DO know…

In nearly every plan, nearly no one will want to be working more and more!

We don’t want to have to work 40, 50, 60, 70+ hour weeks, just to get by.

Because TIME is our most valuable asset!

Income we can get back.
Not lost time with family and friends.

We can’t get back years lost on things that weren’t truly important to us.

This is coming from my heart here.

That’s why I try to focus my own biz, and, helping others to earn a great income, that still gives them plenty of TIME to do the things most important to them.

I’ve got a great plan that may help.

Would you like to join us?

===> Yes, I’m ready to hit $10K months, part-time, so I can enjoy my family and life more and more, while working less…

Goal one will be to get your first $1K commission in as soon as the next 30 days.

Then, we can get you to $10K months from there.

You’ll need to be willing to follow the step-by-step system…

You’ll have a proven plan in hand, and Big Commissions can be headed your way… on the BACK-END of OTHERS selling the top tier offers, for you…

===> OK, I’m in…

*Zero experience is needed.

Hope this helps.



Joseph Smith