Wipes Out Fears You Don’t Deserve Big Paydays…

With this process, you’re rewiring your brain for wealth… Try this “baby steps” trick…

It’s (Joseph Smith),

It’s soooo easy to hop online and get overwhelmed by the huge results and income claims many are making to us.

Think about it…

If we’re accustomed to making $50k a year, it can be a huge stretch for our brains to fathom making $300k a year is even remotely possible.

Yet, we see RESULTS in the world that people are earning much more than that every day.

So we need to “play nice” with our brains somewhat. Otherwise, it may tell us “B.S.” and sabotage our success in doing something bigger and better for ourselves.

Make sense?

A tip…

Don’t go too far from your financial edge at one time. Up it in 20-30% chunks.


If you’re used to earning $4,000 a month, then set your first goal in your online side-business to hit $5,000 months.

Then when you’re hitting that, you can bump it up to $6k, $9k, $10k and so on…

That’s how you can go up, up, up the income ladder with minimal “brain” resistance. 

Just remember the equation:

Financial Edge + 30% = More income/Less resistance


With this in mind, this DOES NOT mean your income will slowly increase, or that this will happen linearly like you may experience in a job.

Far from it!

The results can happen quickly.

In fact, notice this quote:

“No one has an obligation — moral, legal, or otherwise — to “work his way up through the ranks.” Every human being possesses an inalienable right to make a unilateral decision to redirect his career and begin operating on a higher level at any time that he, and he alone, believes he is ready.”
-Robert Ringer, Winning Through Intimidation

Powerful statement, isn’t it?

You have all the POWER to grow your income and life as quickly as YOU want. Whenever you are ready, it’s there waiting for you on the other side of focused action.


If you need a SYSTEM to apply this strategy to?

===> Then I know of no better opportunity than this…

Working with lucrative offers gives you monstrous leverage! Because even one deal can boost your income, and “rewire your brain for wealth” as your first of many sales of up to $10,000 comes rolling in.



Joseph Smith

Commissions In 30 Days ( Ask These 2 Qs )

Your 1st commission in 30 days?

There’s a new book out from a guy that’s been able to support himself part-time over the last few years, all while travelling the globe.

And he’s impacted thousands for the better in the process.

He’s doing what he loves.

After being fed up with the corporate life.

He’s created what you’d call, A MOVEMENT.

Anyways, the book goes on to tell how to go from zero to income in the next month.

And the first two points are great.

OK if I share the gist of it here real briefly?

1. Your path to income begins with an important question:

30 days from now, what will be different about your life?

2. Some ideas are better than others.

Learn the qualities of a great idea and how to find ones with the most potential.

These are both two great questions to start your own journey to freedom and income with.

You must know where you want to go and why.

And 30 days is a great target to get a few results headed you way.

What could happen in the next 30 days?

You could be earning your first few sales and seeing the bright lights to freedom and leaving the j-o-b.

A way off the hamster wheel of life becomes apparent and real to you now.

Or, you could be in the same spot as you were 30 days before, or possibly even worse off?

It’s all about the actions you decide to take, right now.

And then, there are lots of systems and ideas you could pursue and sink your time into, aren’t there?!

Which ones will have the best potential to help you reach your goals with the least effort possible?

Which ones seem DOABLE to you?

===> I recommend using this system


It’s proven.
It’s step-by-step.
It’s all mostly Done For You.
It’s already paid out over $103 million.
And it only takes about 30 minutes a day

===> You in ?

Joseph Smith

2-Minutes To 30% More Income? (Try This)

The right leverage applied at the right time can be life-transforming!

I’m going to give you a slightly “advanced” lesson on leverage today. 

You may not be at this point in your business, yet.

But you can be in the next 30 days.

And this one “trick” that just takes a couple extra minutes each day can boost your earnings up 30% or higher.

Nice for leverage, right?!

And that’s my key point here.

So here it is…

Let’s say you’ve poured your heart and soul into an email.

At the end of the email, you make an offer to your list. They can take you up on it, or not. Either way is OK by you as we’re not in the forcing business here.

So you click send.
Out to 1000+ people it goes.

300 see it and open up.
10 invest in your offer.


What do you do from there?

What about the rest that didn’t see it?

Maybe they glanced at the subject line and meant to get back to it later, but, you know, life happens and they forget.

Or maybe they didn’t see it. They were at work, school, busy with their life.

So, here’s where leverage comes into play.

Simply log-in to your account (super easy) and resend to unopens…

Why NOT do this!!
There’s ZERO downside.

Maybe the first email was sent out in the AM.

Send this one out in the PM.

You can tweak the headline a bit.

I can go deeper here on “strategy” but the point is, this 2-minute ritual can increase your profits 30% and higher!

That is the power of the CORRECT type of leverage applied to your business and life at the correct time.

Same thing with finding the time to apply the leverage…

===> With a proven system like this


You can do it in less than 30 minutes a day!

And if you can find the time for that?

It can mean an additional $10K plus per month headed into your accounts.

Nice, right?

The COST of not doing that is the same as not sending a great email to people that didn’t read or open it…

*Lost income and fulfillment.
*Lost opportunities to work less.
*Lost opportunities for freedom and travel.

When you find leverage, I say use it while you can!

Joseph Smith

Bought A “Course” And Didn’t Live Up To The Hype?

Promises and guarantees are one thing.
Solid real life proof is what’s often lacking.

There’s a common saying:

The proof is in the pudding!

It goes without saying, the more proof that’s in the pudding the better, right?

This is why it’s important not to be a huge fanboy of the “hit of the day” systems and programs, etc. out there.

They truly aren’t systems.
There’s little proof there.

And what works for one person, may not work for two, three, or the thousands they’re trying to market and hand-off their “system” to.

Make sense?

That’s why I wholeheartedly recommend and personally use a tried-and-true system like Devon’s opening up to you right now…

===> Proven DFY system to freedom & income


This system’s paid out over $103 MILLION in commissions so far!

It gives you massive leverage to earn a great income, while doing this on the side or part-time.

From newbies… Teachers. Retirees.
College dropouts. Burned out execs.

To people from countless walks of life and ethnicities.

They’re finally finding the success they have been desperately searching for, by leveraging this DFY, step-by-step system.

There’s lots of paws out there trying to get their hands on your hard-earned cash.

Lots of “one-off” success stories being touted as A-B-C systems.


===> Look for the proof in the pudding

Have a great one!

Joseph Smith

Which System Will Work Best For You

for commutes and cubicles aren’t your thing anymore..

We all use systems every day.

The question is:

Is that system working for us?

Or, are we working for that system?

Living off the government, relying on Big Washington D.C. and our families to take care of us?

(even in our later years)

That’s a system many use and rely on.

Working a 9-5, 40-60 hour workweek?

That is a system too, right?

One that most of the population will stick to.

It’s what they know.
It’s what they were taught to do.

It’s what most of our parents did to provide for us and their families.

However, is it BEST system for you?

What if they want to travel more?
Spend more time with their family?

What if they are tired of that type of work, their workmates, and that way and stress of life?

What if they want to earn more, work less, and do something that leaves them at the end of each day feeling more fulfilled?

Then that system doesn’t seem to be working very well for them, does it?

Not sure?

But this may be a system that can work for you too?

It’s helped many individuals, with no experience, and from all walks of life to escape a system not well-suited for them…

…And to live a life built around what they want and how they want to live…

===> More time, money, and location freedom and independence…


The Dot Com Lifestyle like this is a different path than 99% will ever even know about, much less take.

But it’s the best I’ve find to give me the leverage to get what I want, and live like I want!

It may or may not be for you too.
And that’s cool!

But I’d love if you check it out , then you’ll know for sure if this type of lifestyle freedom system is for you or not??

Joseph Smith

Is Push Button Profits Real ?

Is online income as simple as that?

Imagine the scene, and then tell me if this seems too good to be true to you…

He wakes up to no alarm clock and stretches his arms out, yawning as he struts out of bed.

After pouring a cup of steaming hot coffee, he walks into his home office, still in his comfy pajamas, unshaven, happy, smiling.

Some days, he works from home. Other days, he grabs his laptop and “works” from his favorite coffee shop around the corner, or while traveling and on extended vacation.

As he sits down at his computer, he types out a few words, and then he simply PUSHES A BUTTON…

Over the next few hours and days, it’s like magic…

Hundreds and hundreds of dollars start flooding in… He even earns multiple thousands a day at times, yes, from simply pushing a button.

Life is good.


What you may often hear advertised online is “push button” profits.

Is this all B.S.?
Too good to be true?

Not at all.

It’s just not the only piece of the puzzle. It’s just the sexy part that’s most often touted among the gurus…

What gets you there is the setup. Building the machine first.

Think about it…

You can push a button, and a rocket shoots off into outer space. You can push a button, and a machine magically heats up your food.

You can push a button on a TV Remote, and a world of entertainment is at your fingertips in a snap.


What makes all this POSSIBLE is the “machine” was built first.

Making sense?

Set up your marketing machine. Your online machine for profits? And you can have a set up like this too. A set up, any way you want.

You have two options:

You can go out and build the machine yourself.
And that’s totally okay. Just be prepared to do a lot of work as you’re building your “rocket”.

Lots of nuts and bolts to put together.


You can harness the power of leverage.

You can use a machine somebody else has already built and that works like a charm.

It’s the difference between building your own car, and going to the dealership and driving off in something already built and ready to go.

Either way can work.

Just depends on how much time, focus, and skill you have to start building.

If you’re ready to go now, and want to be 100 steps closer to pushing a button and living an incredibly lucrative lifestyle, built on your terms, then go here ASAP…

===> YES! I’m ready to leverage a pre-built marketing machine that may bring me near push button profits!



Joseph Smith

Tired Of Generic Advice ?

You see the successes online…But are you exhausted on getting bland, vague help?

Ever invested in a course? After hearing some hefty promises and claims, you download the PDF, or dig into the videos…

And the info is generic? About as unique and valuable as a brown paper bag?

Let down? Again?

Even if the idea is good, that’s all it is.

An idea. Right?

Or maybe it worked out okay for one person, so now they’re trying to capitalize on it, touting it as the next million dollar opportunity.

How do you combat products like this?

How do you find something that can actually set you up for life? Providing you with an automated income…

…Giving you freedom, fun, and fulfillment?

My advice?

Look past the tip of the iceberg. Go deeper.

Here’s what I mean…

Most just show their results, not the BACKBONE to their results.

What’s underneath the waters?
What’s their infrastructure look like?

Because here’s the blunt truth…

For time freedom, financial freedom, living the good life on YOUR TERMS…

You have to have an “infrastructure” to nurture and support your success.

With the infrastructure behind the idea, you’re much, much more likely to be successful in getting up to $10k a month in automated profits, working part-time.

Without that? You may just keep getting more and more frustrated every day that passes by.

Hope that helps.

If you don’t have this type of infrastructure right now, and you see the power of having a full staff, funnel, and success system IN YOUR CORNER?

===> Then Check This Out ASAP



Joseph Smith

$10K Paydays, Before 2022 Hits?

For most? This season, and 2022, will be a little different than their last five…

The Steve Miller Band had it right…

“Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’, into the future…”

This year has zoomed by, hasn’t it?!

Before we know it, it’s going to be the holiday season, and that will be quickly followed by the New Year.


How will you arrive?

Feels pretty good to be ahead of the game, right?

Paying bills, weeks before they’re due.
Having a vacation planned and paid for, months in advance.

Being in decent shape before summer time hits, etc. etc….

Most will hit the holiday season, and instead of it being a time a joy? It will be filled with stress, even depression for many, Covid 19 has a lot to do with that sad to say.

Then they’ll rush off and write down a page full of New Year’s Resolutions…

And will be feeling even worse, as they’ve abandoned most of them within the first week or two.

Again, how will you and I arrive?

How will WE be different?

How would it feel to already be hitting your #1 “resolutions”? The ones that could change your life dramatically for the better?

How would it feel to have your online side business already rolling a few checks up to $10k your way, BEFORE the new year?

Would give you a GREAT start to 2022?

July would help with presents and whatnot between now and December? Maybe even help relieve some of the season’s anxieties and stresses?

The time to start is TODAY.

Tomorrow may only equal more and more stress. Because “tomorrow” can turn into November, December, and then it’s already the new year…

Hope this helps!

===> If You’re Ready To Start Now…



Joseph Smith

Business Too Busy? Try This Leverage Point

Wearing all the hats in your business, guessing if it’ll work? Could mean income suicide…

The reason most people would love to own a franchised business – one like McDonald’s – is they are, in essence, getting a business in a box…

There’s nothing left to chance. No question that hasn’t already been considered and remedied.

Everything is broken down so step by step, so paint by numbers, that even a pimply teen still in school can manage a store.

The ONLY reason someone will dish out over $1 million for a franchise over starting their own local mom and pop shop?

Your chances of success is all but guaranteed.
From picking the location, to the marketing and sales, to handling the management and day to day operations…

You’re shown EXACTLY how to take care of it all, in the most efficient way possible.

However, you do not have to invest a hefty $1 million into a franchise to run a franchise-level business!

Here’s the fundamentals you’ll want…

You want a business that works for you, not you working for it. A business that has formulated everything down to a step by step process for you to follow along with.

Which allows you to SIMPLIFY your business and your life.

Whittling away at the complex, and using more “leveraged concepts” to grow your lifestyle business from home.

To me?

A business like this beats the pants off of any traditional franchise. You don’t have employees to hire, fire and manage. No land and property investments are needed. And no huge initial cash outlay.

Yet, you get all the perks, if you set your biz up right.

The time freedom. The income. (and freedom from financial worry) The lifestyle. Living on your terms. (not stuck in a 9-5) Now…

You can get this going on your own.

Or, you can take the easier approach, and leverage a company that has already set all of this up for you!

(That’s the savvy choice I chose.) 

Yes, you can even start, right now…

===> YES! I’m ready to run a lean, fun business, where I leverage my efforts and earn up to $10k or more month after month after month…



Joseph Smith

Got Your First Sale ! Feels Great, Right?

Economies messes nearly everyone up…

Getting your 1st sale online is great. Nothing like it. Lets you know the potential that’s ahead of you, right?

Getting your first SCALE is even better.

Here’s what I mean…

Imagine there’s a boutique Etsy store owner that’s making wonderful organic soaps.

She’s got her first few sales in, and she’s getting excited. However, it’s not enough for her to quit her job and get out from under her debts.

She cries nearly every time she has to drop her kid off at pre-K for someone else to care after them. Her kid usually is bravely tearing up too, as her mom drives off…

She needs to sell more soap!

In comes the beauty of “the economy” of a business.

If she starts running advertising, targeting health conscious mothers who hate chemicals and non-organic goods, she’s off to a good start.

However, it’s costing her $20 to get one customer, spending just $10 on one bar of her soap.

She’s getting nowhere fast…

If she can keep getting new first time buyers for $20, what else can she do?

What if she only in sold 3-packs? At a discount, $25 instead of $30 for three? And then she offered something like an all-natural, wonderfully scented laundry detergent for $20?

Maybe she added in a unique ingredient to her soap, smoothes the skin like none other, even reduces the fine lines and makes you look 10 years younger within weeks? Sells for $75 like hotcakes.


She’s making $10 to $50+ per sale.

If she has a big enough audience, she’s got her first SCALE! She can invest a $1000 into her ads, And may get up to $2k to $3k back in ROI.

Cool, right?

That’s the power of figuring out the economy of your business. Looking at if and how you can scale up your business and daily profits.

And usually?

Offering higher priced, higher valued offers and services is what does the trick.

What’ll you offer?

That’s up to you.

Yet, you could offer this…

Can get you up to over $10,000 per customer on the backend. And THAT is how you can properly scale, without a lot of extra effort, if you’re open to it?

Plus, you’re offering amazing value and services to others! One more tip: People are searching for the best, the premium offers that can increase the results they’re after in their lives.

They don’t want the Honda.
They want the Benz.

They’ll either get that from you and I. Or, if we do not offer that? They’ll run off and go get it from someone else.


===> If you’re ready to be able to scale your profits and help others out in the process…



Joseph Smith