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Hello friends the topic of today is dreams we all have them. Do you  remember back when you were a little child your parents would ask what dreams do you have or what would or who would you like to be when you grow up. If you were the average kid you were a little bit shy and didn’t really know or you might say I did now at a very early age what I wanted to be when I grew up. Some said a firefighter or a policeman or a movie star or a political figure or professional athlete, which is great but how did some people’s dreams come true and many haven’t. Believe it or not it starts in the home your parents are first in line to start molding and making you and teaching you to become the person you are today. Lets look at the trend how many firefighters or policeman have sons and daughters in the same field or you would say they are a chip off the old block. That’s very true our kids are going to idolize someone or something so it is our job to mold them right. It doesen’t  take a rocket scientist to figure this out. It also comes with sponsorship yes that’s right many of our kids hopes and dreams fall by the wayside because of money. Sad but true if your kid needs to go to college in order to achieve his ultimate goal we as parents must make it as easy as possible for them. I am not saying to jeopardize your own well being or living but as soon as your little ones comes to this world or society we must have a plan for them. If you fail to plan than you plan to fail. Start a little savings fund for them as soon as they are born and by the time they are eighteen we can help them start their careers. If savings is not possible I don’t see why not then help them in school and get them to understand that their intellect will take them farthier than they can imagine help them to become book smart their are scholarships for academics yet they are few but they can become achievable or if they like sports then their prospects are greater only because their is a high market for professional sports today. Also if they are musically inclined help them along the way pay for their music lessons let them see your support. Be their for their first recital, lift them up with praise and just be there for them. Just your presence of being their goes well beyond and to make them proud. Their intensity increase and they will go the extra mile to achieve their goal and dreams that they set out to do. Don’t let your child see negativity in the home examples like domestic violence or drug and alcohol abuse which will scar them for life. Even if this is true your child can still rise above because their are always a diamond in the ruff look at dynamic figures like Oprah  Winfrey,  Tyler Perry and the Icon Prince they all had  dysfunctional  homes growing up but they still achieved their success and so can you so start today and start a plan:



Hello friends todays topic is diet. What do you consider being a diet. There are many terminologies of diet. But being on a diet strictly means forsaking the foods that you crave for every day or every time you are hungry. For instance lets break it down starting with breakfast do you actually have time to sit down and eat a nice nutritionalist breakfast like a tall glass of orange juice a nice form of vitamin c then a slice of toast which is better than plain white bread and more healthier for you add some berries and nuts a piece of fruit apple or orange or some avocado and your off and on your way to work. You might say right I would be lucky just to have a cup of coffee in the morning . Yes we live in a hustle and bustle society where we have to be at work no later or faster than we can get up out of bed. That’s why we stop at a Duncan doughnuts shop along the way or bakery and if you are lucky your job has a coffee shop in the lobby If you are going to get to that nice figure you saw in this weeks magazine or that six pack we all dreamed about we must have a goal and stick with it, yes it is not easy seeing all of these fast foods signs along the way but think of it this way no gain no pain nothing comes easy you must put in the time and effort to achieve your goal it is not hard we make it hard.  Start out with a list write down healthy foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner and stick to it watch how if you refrain from all of those hoagies and pies and sweets watch how your body starts to form and tone out. Summer is coming or it is here already so lets get to it think about yourself. Lets start to eat and live a healthier life your spouse,kids or significant other will love you. Its the same steps to take and disciple we have in our financis  take a look at this now ;

Weight & Exercise

Hello friends the topic for today is weight and exercise. What causes overweight and laziness. Obesity is a major problem in the united states. We hear all of these programs trying to put the blame on something else but it is true it is our fault . When we put all of these processed foods into our bodies instead of natural home grown foods it builds up all of these fatty tissues which we can’t burn off right away. Do you remember when you were young you thought you were invincible you could eat all of the ice cream that you wanted and all of the pizza, hamburgers fries potato chips  and sweets without a problem. Now that our metabolism has slowed down and we have gotten older we don’t burn off all of these fatty foods and sweets like we used to. Our activities require us sitting all day , instead of taking the stairs we take the elevator and instead of taking a walk around the corner to the store we ride our car there we also eat late at night and go right to sleep all of these concepts play into our gaining weight and putting extreme pressure on our heart which has to beat faster and pump harder to maintain our daily activities. So you say what can i do well like anything else when you crave for something or if you really want to do something you do it no matter what. You have to have that mind set and put your foot down like starting today to take better care of your self eating better and start exercising it doesent take much start off slow start walking every day if you can’t afford joining a gym lift weights eat less at late night snacks start eating healthier start taking control of your life. Start watching your weight get information on health foods and what is good for you and what is not it all starts with you. Take action today and continue to live healthier and feel better about yourself also take control of your money as well at.


Hello friends you have heard that your health is your wealth which is very true. Your health is your wealth, we live in a society that stays on the run the hustle and bustle stay on the grind every day that we don’t have time to practically do anything but eat sleep and get up and go to work . We practically live at starrbucks and Duncan doughnouts, and Mc donalds .So you say when do we have time to eat healthy food, some may say never but like anything else we have to make time. It might seem very hard but it can and has been done by millions of people all over the world. Take for instance  instead of waiting for the last minute to get up set your clock an half hour or even an hour to get up early so you can have time to fix you an healthy lunch. Instead of Mc Donalds  you have prepared a healthy lunch like a turkey sandwich with fruit for your snack. You might say well how about breakfast you can fix you a nice hot cup of green tea instead of coffee and instead of potatoes and sausage and bacon you can make a nice piece of toast with a few strawberries or blue berries on the side. This option might not excite most people when it comes down to eating but I will tell you one thing you will be a lot healthier and leaner and more alert when you leave to go on your way to work or play. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for anyone it helps you be alert and attentive at work your more responsible and it also cuts down on some mistakes you might make if you were still sleepy and sluggish. I could go on with a lot of more healthy tips but this is a good start for you to start thinking the same remember your health is your wealth not money but health. You cannot spend your money if you are not healthy so get on board today and start living your life to the fullest so when you do start making money which I will show you at the end how to do you will be happy and thrilled enjoying it so take action now ;


Hello friends my post for today is icons. Who are icons they are people who we gravitate too. People we admire and even adore,  people who when we see or hear about them they get our undivided attention. Its like the world stopped and stood still for a second. They are people who we idolize and wish we were like them. If you are a sports fan remember Michael  Jordan the basketball  legend everyone wanted to be like mike we went to the basketball courts and  tried to perform just like mike we idolized him. or how about Mic Jagger or Tina Turner,  Whitney Houston, The Boss, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and many more the list goes on and on these are great people who have revolutionalized America. They have taken their talent to the next level and have excelled well beyond measure and we have worshiped their achievement. How about Prince today we are saddened again another Icon has passed away. Prince was majestic like Michael Jackson, he achieved grammy awards and accolades because of the music he put out their. It changed some of our thinking about life it also changed our thinking about ourselves. It put a stamp on who we are today. But how about you are you an icon in your own right, you can be are you ready to launch out and reach your destiny if so then check this out now.


Hello friends today’s  topic is on sports. This is one of the most favorite topics to speak or dwell upon if you are a sports fan. Are you deeply engaged in the NBA Playoffs. or the NHL Hockey semifinals or just happy the baseball’s  season is underway, what do you like the most about each sport. Are one of your favorite teams still playing in the playoffs or are you just a sports fan who loves the game. A sports fan is just like a superstar in their professional careers. Lebron James in Basketball,  Mr Ovechin in Hockey their passion and drive to accomplish their dreams and goals  not only to be the best but to win a NBA Championship or NHL Stanley Cup. We have those same passions for the game we love even if we can’t play it we can talk about it or watch it on you tv or ipods. These athletes have accomplished  half of their dreams hoping to fulfill their destiny, they are already great superstars in their game but somehow they fill not complete until they win a championship. Will they succeed on doing this maybe or maybe not in their playing days. We think of other great players like Dan Marino, Charles Barkley and many more great players who enter the hall of fame on their individual achievement but their is a void in their life noting that they could not achieve the ultimate goal . So what about you are you at the crossroads in your life where you feel the pressure and the stakes are high your at the moment of decision thinking if things don’t change soon I will not be prepared for retirement or even marriage or the next phase of my life thinking what will my future hold or what will be my destiny time to  take action now and don’t procrastinate any longer. Go now to..


Keeping It Real

Hello friends the topic of today is keeping it real. You might say what exactly are you talking about. Keeping it real means to keep it simple don’t complicate whatever is going on in your day to day activities. Just like in marketing have you ever heard the saying don’t reinvent the wheel if you just follow the program step by step then you should duplicate whatever success they are proclaiming. Don’t start pulling out your hair or start sweating thinking to yourself what do I  or should I do next the plan is right here before you  . Take for instance every morning you get up take a shower, brush your teeth and so on before you go to work. Some go the same way to work every day or the same star bucks coffee shop along  the way, punch in at the same clock  I think you get the point. Sometimes this can be very boring and tedious or monotonous, but you are happy with this as long as it does not interrupt the flow. Have you ever decided to go a different way  one morning and end up trapped in a traffic jam and you start swearing if only if i would of took the same way like i use too i would not have been late this morning . These are daily routines we go through. Can you identify with these problems so many of us go through every day, if yes let me know your feedback or if you want to be able to change your job or your current situation right now. Go to this life changing program right now

Living Today

Hello friends here we are today going over what we crave and what we want. My goal today is find out what makes you tick. What books or magazines do you like to read. What hobbies do you have or like doing . But what is the most important thing of all is what makes you happy. Some people like myself like sports and social media . I read marketing books like Permission marketing by Seth Godin also Selling the invisible by Harry Beckwith , The life of PT Barnum written by himself, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki . The NBA Playoffs are on so I am a big fan of basketball and baseball is just starting so if you are a sports fan then you are excited to have it all right at your fingertips weather you are changing the remote from channel to channel or you are at a major league baseball game awesome. These are a few things that make us happy . Do they fulfill our financial needs no but these are hobbies we all cherish even if we ourselves cannot play the game. What do we think and realize  what these professional athletes do when the accomplish their goals and dreams it humbles them and their is a brief silence they can’t explain a satisfaction  that all of the hard work and time and effort was worth it that they put in . Now we might not be super stars or athletes but we can stil achieve our goals that we have set out to do like get out of debt, buy a new car, pay off your house or just become financially secure we get that same gratification and satisfaction like the super stars do, So the key word today is we have to put in the effort and time to get where we want to go stay focused on your dreams and don’t look back. Get started Now,   Go for it  or Just Do It  !!!

My Blog

Hello friends the political race is on center stage with each candidate trying to convince their viewers and supporters that they  the best candidate for the presidency but are they. We have been voting for years for canidates that have bellowed out how they are going to change and mold a new society,  change the infrastructure of America. Bring in new policies on reducing the debt budget, lowering city and state taxes, creating income and jobs for the middle class,  stopping crime and helping our little ones get a better education and provide a future for our college ready high schoolers. This is exactly what we want to hear but it is a failing system like Donald Trump said the government is too big .When you have so many sponsors and major contributors to your government you cannot govern because you always have to cator to those who are big sponsors and give big money to you for you to get in. So if you do get elected all of the issues you addressed during your campaign cannot not be met because you have an obligation to fulfill the big time corporations and multibillionaires  with tax brakes and other advantages that the normal citizen would never be privy to. The bottom line is this the president is not running the country the big time sponsors are so until we get someone in the presidential chair who will address this problem none of the nations problems will be fully met so we have to fine the solution for our well being ourselves. Like how can I get ahead in life if I lose my job, become disabled to work, prepare a future for my children . Take Action now  don’t delay


Hello friends we are constantly looking at trends each day of our lives. Weather it be in sports or entertainment, business or art we want to know what is going around us each day. Politics which is a hot item now on who is going to be the next president, who will be responsible for changing the face of our society in which we live in. These are very important issues that have to be addressed. Each decision that is made is vital to our every day living  the cost of food, the cost of living, tax increases along with wage increases which for some will either cause us to sink or swim. So we have to start thinking about our future now, we have to figure out what will help me move forward and what can help me continue to stay afloat if the economy crashes or jobs start laying off. What will help me continue to live comfortable even if all these things I spoke of would occur. Do you really want to feel helpless or nervous when this happens then check this our now.  To Your Success