My Passion

Hello there friends yes indeed that is the topic of today, What is your passion. We discover in life that there are many tough roads ahead of us but our passion and decision making will help mold and round us up to become a total  success or failure. Yes our choices we make are very critical and starts as early as high school. The school you go to as well as the mate you get involved with starts to form your future so it is very important to make the right decision . Be assertive dont’t  fear to fail because many successful people today like Bill Gates, Carl Zuckerberg, Kobe Bryant dared to dream big and not let anything get in their way they had ups and downs and failure along the way but the determination they had was more powerful to succeed no matter the cost it took to get there. Just like the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team they struggled along the way but in the end they overcame their weekness and became Champions. So the question is here again what is your passion. Do you want to own a home, get a new job, overcome your poverty then take action now and go concour your success today.    Don’t Delay

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