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Hello friends the political race is on center stage with each candidate trying to convince their viewers and supporters that they  the best candidate for the presidency but are they. We have been voting for years for canidates that have bellowed out how they are going to change and mold a new society,  change the infrastructure of America. Bring in new policies on reducing the debt budget, lowering city and state taxes, creating income and jobs for the middle class,  stopping crime and helping our little ones get a better education and provide a future for our college ready high schoolers. This is exactly what we want to hear but it is a failing system like Donald Trump said the government is too big .When you have so many sponsors and major contributors to your government you cannot govern because you always have to cator to those who are big sponsors and give big money to you for you to get in. So if you do get elected all of the issues you addressed during your campaign cannot not be met because you have an obligation to fulfill the big time corporations and multibillionaires  with tax brakes and other advantages that the normal citizen would never be privy to. The bottom line is this the president is not running the country the big time sponsors are so until we get someone in the presidential chair who will address this problem none of the nations problems will be fully met so we have to fine the solution for our well being ourselves. Like how can I get ahead in life if I lose my job, become disabled to work, prepare a future for my children . Take Action now  don’t delay

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