Hello friends today’s  topic is on sports. This is one of the most favorite topics to speak or dwell upon if you are a sports fan. Are you deeply engaged in the NBA Playoffs. or the NHL Hockey semifinals or just happy the baseball’s  season is underway, what do you like the most about each sport. Are one of your favorite teams still playing in the playoffs or are you just a sports fan who loves the game. A sports fan is just like a superstar in their professional careers. Lebron James in Basketball,  Mr Ovechin in Hockey their passion and drive to accomplish their dreams and goals  not only to be the best but to win a NBA Championship or NHL Stanley Cup. We have those same passions for the game we love even if we can’t play it we can talk about it or watch it on you tv or ipods. These athletes have accomplished  half of their dreams hoping to fulfill their destiny, they are already great superstars in their game but somehow they fill not complete until they win a championship. Will they succeed on doing this maybe or maybe not in their playing days. We think of other great players like Dan Marino, Charles Barkley and many more great players who enter the hall of fame on their individual achievement but their is a void in their life noting that they could not achieve the ultimate goal . So what about you are you at the crossroads in your life where you feel the pressure and the stakes are high your at the moment of decision thinking if things don’t change soon I will not be prepared for retirement or even marriage or the next phase of my life thinking what will my future hold or what will be my destiny time to  take action now and don’t procrastinate any longer. Go now to..


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