Hello friends my post for today is icons. Who are icons they are people who we gravitate too. People we admire and even adore,  people who when we see or hear about them they get our undivided attention. Its like the world stopped and stood still for a second. They are people who we idolize and wish we were like them. If you are a sports fan remember Michael  Jordan the basketball  legend everyone wanted to be like mike we went to the basketball courts and  tried to perform just like mike we idolized him. or how about Mic Jagger or Tina Turner,  Whitney Houston, The Boss, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and many more the list goes on and on these are great people who have revolutionalized America. They have taken their talent to the next level and have excelled well beyond measure and we have worshiped their achievement. How about Prince today we are saddened again another Icon has passed away. Prince was majestic like Michael Jackson, he achieved grammy awards and accolades because of the music he put out their. It changed some of our thinking about life it also changed our thinking about ourselves. It put a stamp on who we are today. But how about you are you an icon in your own right, you can be are you ready to launch out and reach your destiny if so then check this out now. http://track.mobetrack.com/aff_c?offer_id=10&url_id=286&aff_id=359928

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