Hello friends you have heard that your health is your wealth which is very true. Your health is your wealth, we live in a society that stays on the run the hustle and bustle stay on the grind every day that we don’t have time to practically do anything but eat sleep and get up and go to work . We practically live at starrbucks and Duncan doughnouts, and Mc donalds .So you say when do we have time to eat healthy food, some may say never but like anything else we have to make time. It might seem very hard but it can and has been done by millions of people all over the world. Take for instance  instead of waiting for the last minute to get up set your clock an half hour or even an hour to get up early so you can have time to fix you an healthy lunch. Instead of Mc Donalds  you have prepared a healthy lunch like a turkey sandwich with fruit for your snack. You might say well how about breakfast you can fix you a nice hot cup of green tea instead of coffee and instead of potatoes and sausage and bacon you can make a nice piece of toast with a few strawberries or blue berries on the side. This option might not excite most people when it comes down to eating but I will tell you one thing you will be a lot healthier and leaner and more alert when you leave to go on your way to work or play. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for anyone it helps you be alert and attentive at work your more responsible and it also cuts down on some mistakes you might make if you were still sleepy and sluggish. I could go on with a lot of more healthy tips but this is a good start for you to start thinking the same remember your health is your wealth not money but health. You cannot spend your money if you are not healthy so get on board today and start living your life to the fullest so when you do start making money which I will show you at the end how to do you will be happy and thrilled enjoying it so take action now ;

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