Weight & Exercise

Hello friends the topic for today is weight and exercise. What causes overweight and laziness. Obesity is a major problem in the united states. We hear all of these programs trying to put the blame on something else but it is true it is our fault . When we put all of these processed foods into our bodies instead of natural home grown foods it builds up all of these fatty tissues which we can’t burn off right away. Do you remember when you were young you thought you were invincible you could eat all of the ice cream that you wanted and all of the pizza, hamburgers fries potato chips  and sweets without a problem. Now that our metabolism has slowed down and we have gotten older we don’t burn off all of these fatty foods and sweets like we used to. Our activities require us sitting all day , instead of taking the stairs we take the elevator and instead of taking a walk around the corner to the store we ride our car there we also eat late at night and go right to sleep all of these concepts play into our gaining weight and putting extreme pressure on our heart which has to beat faster and pump harder to maintain our daily activities. So you say what can i do well like anything else when you crave for something or if you really want to do something you do it no matter what. You have to have that mind set and put your foot down like starting today to take better care of your self eating better and start exercising it doesent take much start off slow start walking every day if you can’t afford joining a gym lift weights eat less at late night snacks start eating healthier start taking control of your life. Start watching your weight get information on health foods and what is good for you and what is not it all starts with you. Take action today and continue to live healthier and feel better about yourself also take control of your money as well at. http://track.mobetrack.com/aff_c?offer_id=10&url_id=286&aff_id=359928

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