Hello friends todays topic is diet. What do you consider being a diet. There are many terminologies of diet. But being on a diet strictly means forsaking the foods that you crave for every day or every time you are hungry. For instance lets break it down starting with breakfast do you actually have time to sit down and eat a nice nutritionalist breakfast like a tall glass of orange juice a nice form of vitamin c then a slice of toast which is better than plain white bread and more healthier for you add some berries and nuts a piece of fruit apple or orange or some avocado and your off and on your way to work. You might say right I would be lucky just to have a cup of coffee in the morning . Yes we live in a hustle and bustle society where we have to be at work no later or faster than we can get up out of bed. That’s why we stop at a Duncan doughnuts shop along the way or bakery and if you are lucky your job has a coffee shop in the lobby If you are going to get to that nice figure you saw in this weeks magazine or that six pack we all dreamed about we must have a goal and stick with it, yes it is not easy seeing all of these fast foods signs along the way but think of it this way no gain no pain nothing comes easy you must put in the time and effort to achieve your goal it is not hard we make it hard.  Start out with a list write down healthy foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner and stick to it watch how if you refrain from all of those hoagies and pies and sweets watch how your body starts to form and tone out. Summer is coming or it is here already so lets get to it think about yourself. Lets start to eat and live a healthier life your spouse,kids or significant other will love you. Its the same steps to take and disciple we have in our financis  take a look at this now ;

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