Hello friends the topic of today is dreams we all have them. Do you  remember back when you were a little child your parents would ask what dreams do you have or what would or who would you like to be when you grow up. If you were the average kid you were a little bit shy and didn’t really know or you might say I did now at a very early age what I wanted to be when I grew up. Some said a firefighter or a policeman or a movie star or a political figure or professional athlete, which is great but how did some people’s dreams come true and many haven’t. Believe it or not it starts in the home your parents are first in line to start molding and making you and teaching you to become the person you are today. Lets look at the trend how many firefighters or policeman have sons and daughters in the same field or you would say they are a chip off the old block. That’s very true our kids are going to idolize someone or something so it is our job to mold them right. It doesen’t  take a rocket scientist to figure this out. It also comes with sponsorship yes that’s right many of our kids hopes and dreams fall by the wayside because of money. Sad but true if your kid needs to go to college in order to achieve his ultimate goal we as parents must make it as easy as possible for them. I am not saying to jeopardize your own well being or living but as soon as your little ones comes to this world or society we must have a plan for them. If you fail to plan than you plan to fail. Start a little savings fund for them as soon as they are born and by the time they are eighteen we can help them start their careers. If savings is not possible I don’t see why not then help them in school and get them to understand that their intellect will take them farthier than they can imagine help them to become book smart their are scholarships for academics yet they are few but they can become achievable or if they like sports then their prospects are greater only because their is a high market for professional sports today. Also if they are musically inclined help them along the way pay for their music lessons let them see your support. Be their for their first recital, lift them up with praise and just be there for them. Just your presence of being their goes well beyond and to make them proud. Their intensity increase and they will go the extra mile to achieve their goal and dreams that they set out to do. Don’t let your child see negativity in the home examples like domestic violence or drug and alcohol abuse which will scar them for life. Even if this is true your child can still rise above because their are always a diamond in the ruff look at dynamic figures like Oprah  Winfrey,  Tyler Perry and the Icon Prince they all had  dysfunctional  homes growing up but they still achieved their success and so can you so start today and start a plan: http://track.mobetrack.com/aff_c?offer_id=10&url_id=286&aff_id=359928

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