Hello friends todays topic is marketing. If you are not sure what is marketing I will give you a few tips and concepts. Marketing corresponds with a goal or idea that you have maybe you have a website or a blog such as myself.  Its a passion that you have or a business that you are promoting. Do u have a niche which means what area are you venturing into. Are you pursuing the health and diet field  or the weight and exercise market. There are many topics within the weight field you can promote like losing weight fast, or losing weight without surgery. It all depends on what your .goal and passion is . How about making money online there are many people surfing the internet trying to find the right program or niche to make money  Some  are over saturated so be careful and choose wisely. Marketing is promoting your product to the world and internet. If you are in business marketing is very important. You do not want to  spend and waste a lot of money on worthless advertising. Try to stay focused on your business if you are marketing ladies shoes you want to reach out and target ladies that are interested in shoes. Why would you promote your shoes to people in the health or diet field or even in the video field. Its a waste of time and money because no one is interested in your shoes they are interested in video games and electronics get the point. So remember to stay focused and right to the point people love information so if you give them what they want they will reward you handsomely. So lets get started on your goals an marketing today.  Go to    To sign up for newsletters and up to date info  Click Here 

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