How To Work For Yourself


Imagine this.

It’s a hot day. You’re at the park or a game on a hot day and are working up a thirst. So you go to a concession stand.

You say, “I’d like one ice cold Coke please.”

The vendor scoops up some ice and fills up your cup with delicious Coca-Cola until it spills over the side of the cup. You wipe sweat off your forehead and get ready for some icy refreshment.

They hand you the drink and say, “that’ll be 12 bucks.”

Of course you say there’s no way that this one coke costs 12 bucks. Then the vendor informs you that as the temperature goes up so does the price of refreshments.

Some people call it supply and demand.

But what it really is taking advantage of the customer.

And believe it or not this really happened.

In the late 90’s Coca-Cola tested vending machines that raised the price of drinks with the temperature.

Here’s the thing. When it comes to business there are not a lot of companies that look out for the average person. Because most businesses don’t see you as a person.

They see you as a resource to fill their pockets.

And it doesn’t get any better as an employee. Because most companies see their employees as means to an end.

But there is one company that does see its employees as what they really are. People who’re trying to improve their lives.

It’s called MTTB.

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But how do you know MTTB is looking out for you?

The founder used the same system to go from a farmer to a millionaire.

That’s why there is no long customer service calls or payment processing.

Because MTTB is designed to be easy to use. And easy to make money.

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Joseph Smith

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