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Mitch Newlin saw a problem that was costing college students money ever year and he did something about it that is going to earn him $70,000 this year. And he is just a junior in college.

And if you’re trying to use online marketing to earn a living then you can do the same thing he did but earn much, much more.

Here’s how.

When Newlin was a freshman he saw a big problem.

At the end of the school year his college charged students $50 if they left their mini-fridges behind. Which students always did because they had no use for a mini-fridge once they moved into a real apartment. The school dumped the fridges into a landfill.

It was an inefficient system.

But then Newlin used the system to his advantage.

He started buying fridges from students and selling them back to the people who were just moving into the dorms.

And now he has a full-fledged business before he even has a degree.

But how does this help you market on the Internet?

Internet marketing is inefficient because the Internet is so damn large. You can put an ad out there and there’s a small chance that who needs to see it will.

It’s like fishing with a net in the middle of an ocean.

But there’s a system that uses the flaws of the Internet to your advantage just like Newlin did.

It’s called the Patriot Funnel System. Here’s how it works.

Instead of just letting your ad float around in the middle of the Internet PFS guides customers towards your ad. So you can reach all those customers that never even knew you existed before.

And boy does it work.

PFS will drop checks worth $3,300. $5,500. And even $10,000 into your bank account. And it will give you the tools to master Internet marketing.

So click below and see what PFS can do for you.



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