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One day in 1917 the German SM U-28 had an English ship in its sights. They loaded the torpedoes and fired away.

And scored a direct hit.

The English ship was dead in the water. All the SM U-28 had to do was fire another torpedo and the ship would be obliterated.

But they didn’t fire another torpedo. Instead they moved closer to the ship so they could sink the ship with gunfire from the deck of the sub.

Who knows why. Maybe they wanted to save their torpedoes. Maybe they were bored. But SM U-28 pulled up next to the ship and started firing.

But the men on the sub did their job too well.

They set off an ammunitions stockpile. The ammunition exploded in a huge fireball and launched a truck off the deck of the ship and onto the submarine.

Want to know the terrible part?

None of the crew of SM U-28 survived while the crew of the English ship made it away on lifeboats.

But what does this story have to do with you?

When you overcomplicate things you lose. The submarine could have easily sunk the ship. But instead they got closer and ended up sinking because if it.

It’s true in war and it’s real life.

When you overcomplicate your income you lose too. That’s why this email is so important.

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