How Can You Make Money Like Tesla

This month Tesla opened up pre-orders for their newest model.

And in one week they tallied up 325,000 preorders.

It costs $1000 just to place a preorder for a Tesla. Which means Tesla earned $325 million on preorders alone.

But that’s small potatoes compared to what they’ll earn when they actually sell the new model.

Tesla is set to earn $14 billion off the sales. And that’s just for the people who’ve preordered. Who knows how much they’ll make when the car actually hits the market

But this email isn’t just an ad for Tesla. It can change your life by making you a fortune.

Here’s how.

From how well their cars are selling you’d think they have the best ad campaign of all time.

But have you ever seen an ad for Tesla? Probably not.

Other than someone writing an article about Tesla you never see and ads or information about their cars.

Other car companies fill up magazines and buy millions worth of airtime just to stay relevant.

But Tesla just blew them out of the water with their presales.

So how do they do it?

People don’t think of Tesla as just a car company. People think of Tesla as the company that is creating the future. Because the products they make are so innovative and helpful that people can’t get enough of them.

And that’s the power of a good idea.

Tesla makes bucket loads of money because they work on a simple idea: That people want the newest and most hi-tech products out there.

And just like how Tesla makes money because of this one simple idea MTTB makes its affiliates fortune because of one simple idea.

MTTB’s simple idea is that people get on the internet.

Yes. MTTB makes money when people visit the most popular websites on earth.

And now you have a chance the make money the same way.



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