Dont Let Your Passion Miss Guide You

Do you have a passion for making money?

Stop whatever your doing.

Keep reading to find out how you to use your passion to make yourself more money than you’ve ever imagined in a way you would of never expected.

Ajinka Kelkar had a passion too. But his passion wasn’t for making money. It was for getting revenge on the guy who was dating his ex-girlfriend.

The reasonable thing to do would have been to talk to his ex and let her know how he felt. Or just let her go.

But Kelkar was not reasonable. He was passionate.

So he went to the guy’s house to get revenge. When Kelkar got their he realized he was in luck. There were several cars in the guy’s driveway. Which meant way more damage for him to cause.

So Kelkar pulled out his knife and went to work on the cars. All told causing $10,000 in damage.

But remember that thing about being reasonable instead of passionate? Maybe if Kelkar was being reasonable he would of realized he was at the wrong house.

But he was passionate instead.

And that meant he racked up $10,000 worth of damage for an innocent family and walking in front of a camera doing it.

Which landed Kelkar in jail with a lot less money than he had before.

But unless you’ve got a vendetta against an ex why the hell should you care?

You can have all the passion in the world but if it’s misguided than it could hurt you instead of helping you.

Just like Kelkar.

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