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Books have had a rough couple of years.

But now they are back on the rise. And the reason why is the same reason you can earn commissions worth thousands every week from your own computer.

Ever since E-readers arrived physical book sales have slid.

Big chains like Barnes and Noble and Borders have closed a ton of their stores or completely gone online. And industry experts predicted that as e-Readers capabilities spread physical books would sell less and less until they were not a factor anymore.

It makes sense. You can carry a libraries worth of books in your pocket with an E-reader.

The only problem with that theory is that this has all happened before and books have always kept selling.

When the radio came out people thought it would be the end of the book. The same was said when T.V. spread.

But each time the book survived. And now book sales are rising again despite E-readers replacing them.

Because some things work so well that they can’t be replaced or outdated.

Books are the oldest form of entertainment because they allow every reader to create their own world and personally experience a story like no one else does.

It’s a simple and effective concept that makes books irreplaceable.

MTTB works exactly the same way.

MTTB is a easy to use online system that works on one simple and effective concept.

That people get on the Internet.

Because as long people visit sites like Facebook and Craigslist MTTB will make its affiliates money.

And now you can be one of those affiliates.

MTTB affiliates work from their own computer and never have to close any sales or even create any ads.

All they have to do is place ads online and get paid.

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