The Illuminati And Your Future

Based on some of the conspiracies you see on the Internet you would think that we lived in a wild mix of Middle Earth and a Twilight movie.

Things like that the Illuminati is controlling the world. Lizard people have snuck into our homes disguised as people. And of course that President Obama can control the weather.

As crazy as all those sound the insane part is that people have put a frightening amount of researching these theories. There are pages upon pages of junk out there about vampires and lizard people and conspiracies that most people would never consider having and a chance of being true.

So why the hell do people spend hours trying to figure out if Saved By The Bell was an Illuminati propaganda vehicle?

Because sometimes anything is better than actual work.

If your job bores you to tears than it’s much more entertaining to read up on crazy theories. That’s why people do way more work researching lizard people than they ever did for a paper in college or marketing reports.

Doesn’t make sense to you?

How many shows on Netflix have you burned through while avoiding work? How many pages have you turned while putting off your job?

Whatever you do when you don’t want to work it’s all because of the same reason. Work is boring.

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Joseph Smith

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