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Charles Feeney has a problem.

He literally has more money than he can spend. That’s a hell of a problem to have right?

It’s understandable if you want to exit out right now. After all who wants to hear about a guy who has more money than some countries? But if you do you’ll miss out on a chance to make a fortune of your own from your computer.

So what does someone who has billions want to do with all that money? They want to spend it of course. But Feeney is different. He doesn’t just want to spend a few billion and call it a day.

He wants the last check he writes to bounce.

Of course Feeney has funded buildings on college campuses. But he isn’t buying islands or hiring a symphony to wake up his wife like other billionaires.

He’s donating billions to charities all over the world. He has literally shaped world politics and prevented wars by funding peaceful actions. And those buildings he paid for? They don’t bear his name even though he donated hundreds of millions.

And he still has over a billion dollars that he’s give to charity.

This emails isn’t meant to make you feel like you could be doing better. It’s meant to show you what’s possible.

Feeney didn’t become this way because he played it safe and stuck to the same path everyone else was walking. He started his own chain of duty free stores and revolutionized the industry.

That’s why he has more money than he can give away. And if you want anything near to what he has you’re going to have to do the same thing.

So step off the beaten path and join MTTB.

MTTB affiliates work from their own computers by simply placing ads online.

And just like Feeney that means they make big bucks.

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