Do You Have Guts !

How did a 14-year-old create a business that was nearly sold for $30 million?

One word: Guts.

Taylor Rosenthal played baseball while he was growing up. That meant he travelled to tournaments where other kids would be injured while playing.

That’s when Rosenthal saw a problem.

When kids were hurt the coaches and parents had a hard time finding first aid kits.

Now when most people (not just kids) saw this happen they would just say, “Someone should do something about that” and forget about it.

But not Rosenthal. He had guts.

So he created his own first aid kits and started selling them at games. Of course most people would have stopped there too. But Rosenthal had the guts to keep trying to make something of his idea.

Rosenthal figured out that it was a better business model to sell his kits through his own vending machines.

And that was when things took off.

Rosenthal’s idea gained steam and big companies took interest. In fact, one company offered him $30 million to buy out his company.

But Rosenthal did what anyone with guts would do.

He turned them down because he has the vision and faith in himself to build his company on his own instead of letting someone take over.

But unless you have a $30 million idea you’re probably wondering how all this helps you.

Here’s how.

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But just ask Rosenthal if a job that takes guts is worth it.

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