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Internet Friend And Business Owner,

If you’re looking to generate an endless supply of your very own leads every day, this message will change your life and the size of your commission checks.

I’ll even share with you my closely guarded secrets of generating a flood of free leads.

I speak with home based business owners on a daily basis.  One of their biggest struggles boils down to a key ingredient…

For years, this one concept held me back too.

I spent years trying to convince others of why they “had” to sign up with my business opportunity.  It wasn’t until I realized something pivotal with building a business that things really turned around for me.

Honestly, when it first hit me I was a bit embarrassed.

I was doing everything I was being told to do.  It wasn’t enough.

I was passing out the DVD’s, product samples, holding house parties, etc.  Flat out…it just wasn’t working for me.

I had to figure out how to become the hunted…not the “hunter”.

I was spending countless hours and dollars chasing others, convincing them and twisting arms.

It was a painstakingly way to build a business.

Not only was it PAINFULLY SLOW, but I was FED UP with dealing with constant rejection.  It really was like pushing an elephant up a hill.

I’d explain to my upline what I was doing and the results I was getting and he’d say, “Terry, you’re not doing enough numbers…you need to speak with at least 30 people a day to generate positive results”.


I started doing the math.  I was speaking with at least 15 people a day.  Taking 3-4 hours to make that happen every day…to MAYBE generate a new signup every week or two.

So…the long and short is that even if I DOUBLED my efforts and spoke with the 30 people he was recommending, I’d still only MAYBE add 2 new people a week into my business.

Here’s the numbers if I continued with that approach.

2 new associates per week (maybe!).

8 new associates per month.

96 new associates per year.

960 new associates after 10 years!

I’d have to do that same stuff for dozens of years and that’s making a HUGE assumption that my retention rate would be 100%.

Ain’t gonna happen.

You and I both know that’s just not realistic.

I needed a better way.  A better solution.

I began studying direct response marketing.  I needed to learn the art of having prospects approach me…not the other way around.

I began studying lead generation and marketing like a mad man.  Picking up everything I could and absolutely devouring everything I could get my hands around.  Online and offline marketing techniques.

In less than 2 years I built a business…from the ground floor that was generating in excess of $30,000.00 per month.  I had No experience and no direct response marketing background.

AND…I was doing this ENTIRELY OFFLINE!

A couple of short years later I took this knowledge and applied it online.

Not only had we discovered and perfected the “systems” of generating thousands of leads per day but we discovered now to monetize those prospects…to bring in revenues every day whether they signed up into our business or not.

It really didn’t matter if they signed up….we were still making money from these leads pouring in regardless.

1.  The real secret is learning how to generate your own leads – NOT BUYING THEM.

2.  How you position yourself and communicate with those prospects (both orally and using the written word) can make all the difference in the world with how much each lead will bring to your business.

3.  The more leads I generated, the more money was made.  Simple as that.

No doubt you can learn these skills on your own and likely spend thousands of dollars in the process (and take years to do) or you can learn from my trials and errors.  Someone who’s been there and done that.

The vast majority of network marketers fall into the myth that one can legitimately build a successful business on “working” their warm market.

The reality, as you know, is that this “myth” simply isn’t realistic.  Let’s assume that you had a VERY LARGE family and list of friends to tap into.  Let’s say it was 5,000 people.

Now, that’s a huge number and not realistic for most, but let’s roll with it.

Even if you’re closing rate was off the chain and you closed 10% of those people into your business.  Now what?  You’ve got 500 people in your business…how do you build it from there?

What’s the next plan of attack?  Further, it’s statistically a matter of time before they start dropping out by the droves.

Now you’ve got a huge dilemma.  They’re dropping off faster than you can recruit.

The reality is that successful businesses aren’t built on quicksand. They’re built using sound marketing principals.

That’s exactly why it’s important that you use sound, proven and reliable marketing to build a sustainable business.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

One underground lead generation to generate a flood of FREE leads…every single day.
Find out why opportunity “seekers” are the WORST leads you can dial and why this technique is terribly ineffective.
Discover the best places to find leads that already have an interest in your products and services BEFORE you ever speak with them!
How to quickly generate your first $1,000 even if you’re brand new to network marketing or your company.
Understanding What K-A-M Means To Your Online Marketing Ventures – understanding what this simple acronym means and more importantly, how to master it and apply it into your business (this alone is worth its weight in gold).
2 Things That You Should Be Doing NOW To Effectively Master Pay Per Click Traffic – knowing these critical ingredients will allow you to get traffic by the herds and manage your campaigns appropriately!
One simple strategy to gain INSTANT trust with your prospects.
The 4 Best (and proven) Ways Of Getting Massive Amounts Of Targeted Traffic To Your Websites – we use these ‘Green Beret’ Tactics Daily To Get Hundreds And Even Thousands Of Visitors Daily To Our Websites, every single day!
3 Super Simple Things To Do Immediately That Will Have More Traffic Going To Your Websites Than You Ever Thought Was Possible – these are so effective that you’ll need to share the leads you receive with your downline because you won’t be able to handle all the leads!
7 Extremely Private, Mega Cash Creating Principles That Need To Be Mastered For Any Campaign On The Face Of The Planet – not mastering these principles leads to floundering businesses and colossal failure stories.
How to properly create a data capture page (squeeze page) that allows prospects to submit their information because they want to know more about your products, services and your opportunity!
How to properly communicate with your prospects once they come into your marketing funnel so they WANT to buy from you!
Why Google Adwords can be your best friend or your worst enemy…follow my simple proven map to make sure you get it right!
Why it’s a BIG mistake to use craigslist and most of the free classified ad websites and a complete waste of your time.
The place that’s overlooked by 97% of network marketers to generate completely FREE (and targeted) traffic!
How to write salivating emails to sign people up into your opportunity without ever speaking with them before and even if you’ve never writen a word of copy before!
Why doing online PR can be dangerously effective – IF it’s done right.
Discover what you can learn from an “octopus” and how it can have a staggering impact on your business.
How to properly generate keywords for article marketing (hint: what most “guru’s” share with you on this topic is DEAD wrong).
The most simple and fastest way to recruit on autopilot (and nobody’s talking about it!).
Hot to write your autoresponder series of email that will have even the most skeptical put their trust in you.
An effortless and instant technique to build trust online (this will blow you away!).
And so much more!

Bottom line…put this information to use into your business as quickly as possible so you can begin generating the results you deserve.


Bonus #1: The Ultimate Google Adwords Tutorial Guide. This will show you the “ins” and “outs” of using Adwords for maximum success. Use this roadmap to be generating targeted leads in less than 45 minutes from right now.
Bonus #2: A very special video that will show you how to generate cash from prospects whether they sign up into your business or not (I’ve NEVER sold this information before at ANY price)
Bonus #3: A super underground trick that will show you how to generate dozens of leads per day – without spending a single dime.
Total Value Of Bonuses

These special bonuses are my gift to you and are included at no additional charge if you order “Lead Tsunami” today.

I can do this because I’m 100% confident in the quality of Lead Tsunami – it’s the industry’s leading lead generation product and it’s already transformed thousands of business owners before you. I’m confident it will drastically change the performance of your business too.

Honestly we could (and should) be charging $297 for this business building information.  Today, and if you act quickly enough, you’re not going to pay anything close to that.

Think about it…that’s less than a cup of cheap coffee a day. And…you’ll never pay another dime. There is no monthly billing associated with this offer and you can literally generate a ton of traffic with this information even if you’re on the tiniest of budgets (many of the techniques included with “Lead Tsunami” won’t cost you a dime).

So, yes…even if you’re flat broke and think it takes a ton of money to generate your own leads, think again my friend.

You’ll be pleasently surprised.

By taking action today, what’s the absolute worst thing that could happen? Well…you’d send an email and get your investment returned without question.

What’s the best thing that could happen to you today?

The best thing is that you’d finally be able to put yourself in a position to generate dozens (or much more even) of leads every single day that are specifically seeking more information from YOU about your products and opportunity.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say this really is a “no brainer” and that you truly have nothing to risk.

I’m shouldering any risk so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Committed to your success,

Terry Duff
Business Building Expert

P.S.  Remember, the price could go up at any time.  Grab Lead Tsunami now for a one time investment of only $67.  It’s fully guaranteed for one full year as well – you have absolutely nothing to risk…nothing to lose.

And…if you ask for your money back, I want you to keep the bonuses for FREE which are conservatively valued at $321.00!

P.P.S. Honestly, if you do nothing today and continue doing exactly what you’ve been doing, where will your business be 6 months from now? Don’t continue to make the same mistakes over and over and cost yourself thousands in the process.


You’ve OUTDONE yourself.  This is truly the best lead generation system I’ve seen.  Thank you for sharing it!

Dorothy G.

Within 48 hours of putting your information to work I generated 18 leads. Anyone serious about building their business needs your information…

Michael Galding

I can’t believe it. After spending over $500 on Google Adwords, you pointed out in less than 30 seconds why my site was only converting at 8%. You’re a true life saver…already saving me cash.

Thanks Terry.

Robert Lione


Your section where you discussed the “octopus” (specific technique removed) had an immediate impact on my business. I made 3 tweaks to my lead generation system and my traffic increased by 37% in less than 3 days!

Just a quick thank you for putting this together Terry. I’ve generating 24 leads a day on average and actually building my business for the first time ever!

Super Excited!

Stacie Fitchen

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Important Notice: Obtaining knowledge is the key to success with any endeavor. With that said, if you plan on putting this information on your hard drive and doing nothing with it, I can promise you that you will generate NO results. Building a business takes work and consistency. These testimonials are from real life people just like you…they applied what they were taught.

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