The Speed Recruiting System

** The Speed Recruiting System – For Those Looking For FAST Results **

From: Terry Duff

Re: A super simple recruiting technique that can have you enroll dozens of new associates into your team in less than 1 HOUR!

If you’re looking for a single, brain-dead simple strategy that can have you recruiting more new associates in a week than most do in an entire year, pay very close attention to this short message.

hat I’m about to introduce you to is so simple that ANYONE can do it. Regardless of how “new” you might be and if you’re a seasoned veteran I can promise that you’ve never seen anything like this.

It all started back in 2003…

One of my good friends said, “Hey, I have this strategy that I began using about 10 years ago and it works like gangbusters for recruiting…”

Blah. Blah. Blah.

We’ve all heard that before…

Um…like a million times, right?

I brushed it off as just another “idea” that had been used thousands of times before and it was nothing new.

Well, a few days later he said, “Come along…I have something I want to show you”.

Not knowing what was going on or where we were headed for that matter I reluctantly said, “Sure, I’ll bite…where we going?”

“Don’t worry about it” he said with a smirk. “You’ll find out in about 20 minutes”.

We arrive at our location and I was completely dumbfounded…

There were close to 200 people sitting in chairs, waiting for the “pitchman”.

My gut was right…there was about to be a big pitch as to why I should become part of “XYZ” business and how I can make a million bucks sipping on Mai Tai’s while sitting on the beaches of Hawaii.

We’ve all been there and done that, right?

Trying to be polite, I grab a bottle of water and take a seat.

He sits next to me and I mumbled something into his ear along the lines of “Dude, I can’t believe you set me up like this…”.

I’m sure there were a few other choice words in there as well.

About 5 minutes pass and something I never expected took place…

He gets out of his chair, heads to the front of the room and grabs the microphone.

He introduces himself and then begins to discuss why we’re all here tonight.

Completely amazed…my jaw drops.

The biggest thought on my mind was, man…he must have spent a ton of money filling up this meeting room. There were nearly 200 people there!

They weren’t friends and family – every last one of them was a complete stranger.

It was a presentation like NOTHING I’ve ever heard before. It wasn’t about the quality of the presenter (although he was good) it was about the message he said. I’ve probably been to at least 100 traditional “opportunity meetings” over the years and this was something different…something totally unique.

No one was using this major twist back then and no one is using it today.

Well…except for me.

It gets better though – A LOT better.

He Added Over 50 New Associates In An Hour!

He closed more than 50 people into his business. The meeting was 60 minutes long.

Over 50 new associates in an hour!

That day I took this idea and ran with it.

Since then, I’ve tweaked it, made countless adjustments and added countless new associates using this brain-dead simple system that I’m about to introduce you to.

This is the identical offline marketing system that I’m currently using to build my primary business. It works like gangbusters.

It’s called…

And, that’s exactly what it is.

A simple recruiting system that anyone can use.

It’s dangerously effective, it works like gangbusters and the best part is that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use this.

You don’t need:

A list of prospects – this is an offline business building strategy.
Your friends or family – nope, you won’t need them for this.
ANY Internet skills. There’s only one small part that requires this Internet.
Cash (you’ll be blown away at how innexpensive putting this to work is!)

The Speed Recruiting System will show you how to build your team without bugging friends and family, without spending a bunch of cash and without having to know any technical wizardry…

You can’t find this strategy elsewhere simply because it doesn’t exist.

The exact ad to write (to build your audience).
The only 2 locations online this ad needs to be placed for maximum results.
A templated presentation – just “plug-n-play” your company information and rock and roll (this shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes)..
How to “screen” the applicants to ensure you have the right audience.
How to train your team on this method so they can do exactly what you’re doing!
A simple script to read when people call you (or have someone else take the calls). This takes about 2 minutes and it’s PARAMOUNT this is done properly.
3 things that you must NOT do or say while you’re delivering the in person group presentation.
A super simple strategy to “scale” and ramp up. For many, speaking in front of groups frightens them – I’ll show you how to start small, get comfortable and then ramp things up.
How to have your team play a huge role in helping you (even if they live in a different state or country!).
My simple process for selecting the right hotel or meeting space for your needs (don’t blow this step – this alone can save you a ton of money!).
My covert strategy to close 32% or more of the attendees into your business!
How to use this strategy to motivate your team members by placing new enrollees you get underneath them (the best strategy on the planet to motivate your people!).

The Speed Recruiting System was specifically designed for those who need results fast.

It does exactly that – you don’t need a list of prospects, you don’t need any websites or your friends and family. This system is the fastest way to build a team or make your existing organization bigger…and do it at a neck-breaking pace..

Don’t take my word for it though…read some recent notes from those who have put this incredible information to use in their business…

“Fron ZERO To HERO In 90 Minutes…”

When I first read your offer, it sounded too good to be true.  After putting it to use, I went from hero to zero in 90 minutes.

Here’s what happened…

My first 2 presentations STUNK – really bad too.  LOL.  I sent you an email and you personally responded with how to fix both my show rate and my closing rate.

Well, my 3rd presentation nailed it.  I had 27 people there and brought 9 of them into my business!

Can’t thank you enough bro!

Zack Thomas, Harrisburg, PA


“…2 people in the bag for sure…


Dude you are the man! So here are my numbers. 47 appointments set, 20
confirmed, 11 showed. 2 people in the bag for sure
. One coming in on
the 18th. I already have my next group interview set for Monday. Can’t
thank you enough brother.

Stefan Lenassi, Cape Coral, FL


“…anyone can put to use immediately and see results.

Terry, I love how you deliver this extremely powerful information. “Expert Status” should be owned by every entrepreuner on the planet! It’s a simple system that anyone can put to use immediately and see results. Most stuff I buy is just relabeled and “rehashed”…I’ve NEVER seen anything like this before!

Carl Ashwold, Carson City, NV

No more reading an eBook that’s 97 pages or watching 16 hours of online videos. The Speed Recruiting System is the easiest thing on the planet to implement today…and see results today. It’s just that simple.

Don’t let the size of this digital book fool you. You’ll learn top to bottom how to fill up meeting space and absolutely crush it with incredible results all in less than 30 pages of pure nuts and bolts to get started right away.

There’s no fluff or filler material to make it look like you’re getting a ton of stuff here…the last thing I want to do is bore you with useless stuff that you don’t need or give you information overload.

The Speed Recruiting System was designed to produce fast results…to see you adding new distributors in less than 24 hours from right now!

The motto here is simplicity – not overkill or to create information overload.

There’s nothing else necessary. This system is “whole” and complete as is.

The exact system that shows you everything you need. I’m sharing the same offline strategy that I’m using and it’s CRUSHING it!

I also want you to know I’m here for you…

That’s why I’m including a one on one “Implementation Session” at no charge.After you’ve gone through the information I want you to shoot over an email or call and we’ll setup a time. You’ll spend about 30 minutes with an “Implementation Specialist” who will answer your questions and make sure you’re going in the right direction.

All of this for…

A very reasonable investment of just $27.00.

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