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Finally:  A proven system for you to generate more leads and more cash – any time you want.  Regardless of what you’re marketing, what niche market or industry you’re in, pay very close attention to this letter.

Did you know there’s an ABSOLUTE GOLD MINE waiting for you to tap into that literally has thousands, even hundreds of thousands of EAGER PROSPECTS and BUYERS?

And…it’s right at your fingertips.

You can use this “underground source” to generate an unlimited supply of leads and most importantly…cash that goes straight into your bank account.

Regardless of what you’re marketing or what you’re promoting, you’ll want to pay close attention to this message.


My name is Terry Duff.

In April of 2009 my world was completely turned upside down.  I made the single biggest mistake of my business career.

I was almost entirely relying on Google Adwords to generate my leads.  To the tune of hundreds, even thousands of leads every day.

Everything was fine and dandy until that dreadful April morning.  I woke up to an email from Google saying something to the effect of, “Your account has been permanently banned and we will not reinstate it…”.

I went through the “appeal process” and jumped through all the hurdles.

Still, they came back with the same response…”Your account has been terminated…permanently”.


My world had collapsed.  Around 75% of my leads were coming from “old faithful”.

What was I going to do?

What would happen to my business?

I had to do something…quickly.

My livelihood, lifestyle and family depended on it.

I had been following some of the biggest names in the direct mail industry at the time, but had only used the concept a few times prior to this.

Each time I had no success.

I also knew If I did nothing and took no action, things wouldn’t “magically” improve.

So, I began studying like a madman and devouring every piece of information I could get my hands around that pertained to direct mail.

I was sending out postcards, but doing the process totally wrong.

My biggest struggle was to consistently find files that were worthy of mailing to.

I was “following the rules” of direct mail, but I continued to get paltry response rates…

Like 1 or 2%.

Yuck.  I was spending over a thousand bucks a pop to send a mailing test of about 2,000 pieces and generating 10-20 leads.

On average, I would spend about $50 bucks a lead.

The worst part is that I couldn’t profit from it.  That number had to come down and come down big time…

She Smacked Me So Hard I Couldn’t See Straight…

About this same time I received a call from one of the list brokers I use.

I go into my “sob story” and let her know my exact process, I thoroughly explained each piece of my marketing campaign and I tell her the results (really, the lack of) that I was seeing.

She yells through the phone, “Terry, your strategy for picking lists STINKS!”

I felt as though she had just slapped me over the head.

And, I’m grateful she did.  Although I was seeing stars and a bit dazed, it was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

It was a big wake up call for me.

The most important step for any successful direct mail campaign is the list that you’re sending the mail piece to.

I had blown it!

Big time.

If you’re going to mail a piece to thousands of p01.3rospects, make sure they’re looking for what you’ve got, right?

It was marketing 101 and I was messing it all up.


It wasn’t all bad.

From that day forward I began running my thoughts by her and discussing which files made the most sense for my offer.

And Since Then…

I’ve seen knee buckling response rates…

To the tune of 7, 8…even 11% from sending UGLY POSTCARDS.

That’s why I created this full fledged, direct mailing system and home study course that I call “Mailing For Dollars”.

It’s the only system of its type on the planet and walks you, hand in hand, through every step of the process.

Now, you too, can generate leads and cash on demand…anytime you want to.

Here’s just some of the material and wildly successful strategies you’ll uncover inside the “Mailing For Dollars” system:

The 4 ONLY places to get “buyer leads” from

Why “responder” data isn’t the way to go if you’re looking to profit.

My 3 part system to ensure you’re sending mail to the right people, every time.

My exclusive “Mailing For Success Check Sheet” – this tells you exactly what needs to get done and when to mail successfully.

How to properly negotiate with list brokers to ensure you’re not overspending on leads.

How to get buyer leads for 15-30 cents apiece (follow these rules to save BIG!).

How to get ONLY the freshest leads available (there is ONE thing you should focus on to ensure you’re not sending to an outdated file).

How to ensure your message is in sync with what your prospect is likely to respond to(use this secret to get X-Ray vision).

4 different ways to maximize the “Mailing For Dollars” system for you produce theinsanely successful results.

The sources I personally use for printing and mailing postcards (and they’re dirt cheap!).

The 3 sequences that are a MUST to generate fast cash.

How to setup an entire mail campaign and be ready to roll it out in less than 3 hours.

How to properly test your campaign and QUICKLY scale up (using the profits you’re already creating).

The 3 systems you can use to qualify your prospects to ensure you’re qualifying them (and profiting nicely).

My covert secrets that will show you exactly how to be in profit in LESS than 48 from the mail hitting the street (using these nuggets there have been times where I’ve been in profit within hours!).

3 fill in the blank postcards. These are templates you can use to literally have your very first postcard ready to be mailed in less than 30 minutes!

Mailing For Dollars

“Mailing For Dollars” Is Hands Down, The Easiest To Follow, Most All Encompassing And Straight Forward Direct Mailing System On The Planet.  Period.

EVERYTHING you need to mail successfully is right at your fingertips and organized in a manner a small child could understand.

It’s so easy to implement and easy to follow that you can literally have your campaign ready to go to the print shop within just a few hours from right now.

Your confidence level will go through the roof because you’ll know EXACTLY what you’re doing, what steps to take and I’ll hold your hand each step of the way.

My Gifts To You For Being Decisive & Taking Action RIGHT NOW…

On top of everything that you’re going to have instant access to, I’m also going to include a couple of items to sweeten the pot…

1.  If you choose to send your prospects to a data capture page from your postcard, there’s only ONE type of page you want to use to generate the lead.  I’m going to show you REAL examples that I’m usingRIGHT NOW and how to get your very own for free.

2.  I’m going to be sharing The EXACT postcards I use – modify them for your needs and mail away!  (this alone is worth its weight in gold).

3.  Direct access to me.  I’m going to include 2 email vouchers that are good for emailing me directly – I’ll respond to your inquiries within 48 hours via email.  Hit a snag or a speed bump?  I’ve got your back.


I’m going to shoulder 100% of the risk here.

Take it for a test drive for a full 60 days.  Put it to use, dissect the “Mailing For Dollars” system and if you’re not completely elated and dancing like nobody’s watching you, let my office know for a full refund.

No questions asked.

I can’t get any more fair than that.

Get “Mailing For Dollars” and create your entire direct mail campaign for just $97.00!

To recap, here’s what you’ll have instant access to:

My complete home study course, “Mailing For Dollars” where I share every secret, hidden gem and nugget that you must know if you plan on succeeding with a direct mail campaign.

You’ll receive all 3 bonuses (the ONLY type of website to use to make this work, the EXACT postcards that I’m personally using and direct access to me via email).

If you’re not happy for any reason, let us know for a full, no questions asked refund.  Take 60 days to do a thorough review – if you’re not completely elated with your purchase, just let us know and we’ll promptly reimburse you your investment.

“Mailing For Dollars” leaves no rock unturned.

We’ve been testing, refining and making serious profits since the summer of 2009 using the EXACT wildly successful secrets that you’re about to learn.

The Price Will Make You Happy Too…

I’m making sure this is affordable to everyone…

The reality is that I could easily justify charging hundreds of dollars.

That would also be silly of me.  My mission here is to help you get results and start profiting as quickly as possible.

If I charged hundreds of dollars I’d likely eliminate a lot of good, hard working people who just couldn’t afford to make the investment.

Once you buy “Mailing For Dollars” and see the results first hand, let us know your thoughts and results so I can publish it on this site!

Get instant access to my entire “Mailing For Dollars” system for just a one-time investment of just $97.00.

That’s it.

I need to warn you though…

Once this “pre-launch” period is over, I’m bumping the price.

The time to act is NOW.

Securely place your order at any time of the day or night.  Once you’ve made payment, you’ll receive an email (within 3 minutes) giving you immediate access to “Mailing For Dollars”.

Rather Call Our Office To Purchase “Mailing For Dollars”?

Call us at 800-390-7607.

Once you’ve sent out your first mailing campaign I want to hear about it!

Shoot me a note and let me know how it went.

All the best,

Terry Duff
Terry Duff
Business Building Specialist

P.S. If you take no action today and choose to do nothing, where is that going to get you?  Where has that gotten you in the past?

The risk is entirely on me here.  If you’re not bouncing off the walls with excitement after you tear into “Mailing For Dollars”, let us know for a prompt and courteous refund.  No questions asked.

Fair enough?

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