Better Sales Conversions

Proven Secrets To Generate An Instant Boost To Your Bottom Line!

Dear Marketing Friend,

My name is Terry Duff and what I’m about to share with you will force you to look at your business in a whole new light.

These are the same elusive, covert strategies that have allowed me to generate millions of dollars over the years and more importantly, generate earth shattering results for the lucky few clients and my top affiliates that  I’ve shared this information with.

When someone buys something from you.

That’s the only time you make money.

Whether you’re an email marketer, hosting webinars, teleconferences, creating video sales letters or creating long form sales letters, the only time you get paid is when an order is generated.

What if there was a formula, a proven system that could double, triple or even quintuple your sales results.

What if instead of converting 1% of your prospects into buyers you were able to convert 5%?

Falling Into The Myth…

Most people believe the best way to generate more revenue is to generate more leads.

I’m here to tell you that’s not the case.  The FASTEST and easiest way to generate more cash is to skyrocket your conversion rate numbers.

Think about this for a second…

If you’re currently closing 1% of your leads and you started using my covert, conversion boosting strategies and began closing 3% of your total leads, here’s what the math looks like…

Selling a $47 product:

Scenario #1: Generating 1000 leads = 10 orders (1% of your leads purchased) at $47.

Gross Sales = $470.00.


Scenario #2: What if you were closing 3% of your leads instead of a paltry 1%?

Generating 1000 leads = 30 orders (3% of your leads purchased) at $47.

Gross Sales $1410.00.


Which would you prefer?

Of course you’d take the 3%, right?


Scenario #3: Well, what if you knew the format, the process to increase that number to 15%?

Now, it looks like this…

Generating 1000 leads = 150 orders.

150 X $47 = $7050.00!

Over $7,000.00 in sales!

And, here’s the best part…

You’re still generating the SAME number of leads.

Would you rather close 1% of your audience on a $47 product to generate $470.00 in sales or would you rather have 15% of them purchase and rake in $7050.00?

Silly question, but that’s the pure power of increasing your conversion numbers.

Getting more people to buy should be your primary focus.

Think about it…

If your current rate of prospects that are purchasing your products and services is a measly 1%, does generating more leads REALLY fix the problem?

Not even a little bit.

Now, you’re spending more time and more money to generate more leads only to make peanuts.

You’re Spending Your Time In The Wrong Area!

Focusing on generating more leads when few people are buying your products/services is like trying to play baseball using a feather as the ball.

That’s Why We’ve Created
“Better Sales Conversions”

It’s the industry’s only product that shows you exactly how to skyrocket your conversion rates to get more people paying you.

Inside, I share my top strategies and conversion generating tricks of the trade.

You’ll discover things like:

My number one strategy to build INSTANT trust.
My top technique to have buyers come back and continue buying more of your products (this alone is worth its weight in gold and can drastically boost your average customer lifetime value).
How to properly structure and sequence your offers (this can be disastrous if it’s not done properly!).
How to create lip smacking headlines that FORCE your audience to read what you’re sharing.
The 10 phases that are a MUST have for any presentation that will gladly have your audience reaching for their wallet.
How to create PERFECT offers and KNOW your audience will happily buy it from you before you spend the time on creating the product or writing a sales letter!
My top “Conversion Words” that lead to blistering conversion rates and make you more money!
The single, most important variable that can triple conversion rates (this alone is pure gold!).
How to write compelling copy that practically glues their eyes to your message.
My “must include” items that are essential to use in any sales letter or video.
I’m even going to include more than 5 different sales letters I’ve personally written that have led to millions of dollars in sales.

And, I’m just getting warmed up.

When you dive into the 90+ minutes of video training, you’ll be quickly molded into a marketing master.

There’s no filler or fluff.  Just rock solid content that you can begin enjoying and putting to use immediately.

Don’t take my word for it though…here’s what others are saying:

…I Love This Product!

Terry, I LOVE this product! I especially loved it when you talk about framing offers and the relevance of “harmony”. You’re an absolute GENIOUS!

Thanks for sharing such an incredible product.

Billy Landon

…The Most Sales I’ve Ever Received From ONE Little Email!

I put this to use last night to send out an affiliate offer to my list. Using ONLY the information you shared in the first video and generated over $350.00 in orders.Doesn’t let me retire, but that’s the most sales I’ve EVER received from one little email.

Cheryl Bevens

…This Information Is Priceless

Terry, this information is priceless. Anyone who’s selling ANYTHING online or offline should be putting this information to use immediately.

My only surprise is that you’re practically GIVING this information away for nothing.

Keep up the great work and helping the “little guy” like myself succeed!

Mike Collins

You’ll soon be someone who can create marketing campaigns and funnels that generate incomes that most people only dream about.

By the time you’re done devouring this video training, you’ll be swimming in ideas you can put to use to add a digit or two to your checking account.

It’s like having a professional copywriter in your back pocket, 24/7, at your service.

I’ve been paid as much as $15,000.00 dollars for a single sales letter and to script sales videos.

To this day I receive royalties for sales letters I wrote several years ago.

And for good reason…

Your ability to write good copy and deliver your marketing message is the single, most relevant money making knowledge you can ever learn to arm yourself with.

Think about it…

Just one good, well written sales letter can generate tens of thousands of dollars every single month.  And, the entire process can be automated so it’s cranking out cold, hard cash regardless of what you’re doing.

For $47 bucks this is a complete and total no-brainer.

For less than dirt cheap date with your better half, you could be arming yourself with the necessary knowledge to catapult your income.

I’m literally handing you on a silver platter, conversion secrets and my best producing strategies that I’ve had to learn the hard way over the years.

Through countless blunders, hundreds of thousands of dollars in “experiments” and split testing.  Now, you can dive straight in and start seeing results…

I’ve already been the guinea pig for you.

Here’s what to do…

Click on the “Add To Cart” Button Below.  It will securely take you to the checkout process.

In just 2 minutes from right now you can harnessing the power of this life changing skills you’re about to learn.

Just promise me you’ll use the brut power of “Better Sales Conversions” for good and not evil.  🙂

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Take “Better Sales Conversions” for a 60 day test drive.  If you’re not completely blown away and elated with what you discover, let us know for a full and prompt refund.

I know you’re going to be tickled pink when you see how powerful this is.  If not, we’ll gladly give you your money back.

No questions asked.

Fair Enough?

I can’t wait to share this powerful information with you.

Here’s to boosting your conversion rates.

All the best,

Terry Duff

P.S.  $47 bucks is an INSANELY LOW price to arm yourself with the most relevant skill set on the planet.  When you learn how to write compelling messages that force your prospects to grab their wallet, you’re now giving yourself the ability to produce income on demand.

If you do nothing right now, where will your business be in 6 months?  What is the next “magic bullet” that’s going to somehow, someway change things for you?

NOW is the time to harness this power and learn what it really takes to produce a day job ending income.

P.P.S.  You’ll have instant access to the training videos as well as a PDF notes to “follow along” tutorials to help you connect the dots.  With our 60 day satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to risk.

Let’s get started RIGHT NOW!

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