How To Escape The Rat Race

Tired of the term “Rat Race”? It’s rather outdated and leaves people with the feeling of dread, anxiousness, and is
far from original.

While this term may be overused and shoved down our throats it has sustained the test of time. Having first
entered our English language system in the late nineteen thirties, it is a concept still in place today and that is why
it is still used.

When you hear the term “rat race” do you feel like you belong? Do you think that this describes you but you have a
deep yearning to jump out of the maze? Many a rat will continue to follow the rat in front of them hoping that the
direction most rats find popular will lead them to happiness.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. You aren’t a rat who is content to follow the leader to fight with the rest over
crumbs of leftover cheese. No. You are the type of rat that jumps the wall and runs under the table. You find the
place where scientists have hidden a vast amount of cheese to use as future bait for the rats content in the race.

You take an arm and mouthful of cheese so large you nearly fall over. Running to the side of the room, you sit and
eat your delicious treats while watching all of your friends follow the rat in front of them, hoping for a sliver of

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Joseph Smith

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