How To Adapt To The Internet Today

Darwinian evolution theory is pretty simple.

Genetic traits are passed down when an animal is able to use those traits to survive and reproduce. So if one fish can swim faster than the other fish its more likely to survive and reproduce. Its offspring with the same trait then survive for the same reason and pass on the trait until the whole species are fast swimmers.

But of course it’s not actually that simple. And the reason is the same reason your life and your bank account could change forever today.

If that was all there was to evolution then only the biggest and strongest animals would be the ones that reproduce. But strength is not the only thing that matters. An animal has to adapt to change to survive.

When the dinosaurs roamed mammals had little chance of ever being the ruling species due to their small size. But then the asteroid hit and the dinosaurs didn’t adapt.

But the mammals did. And here we are millions of years later digging up dinosaur bones.

The same is true for Internet Marketing. You can have all the manpower in the world but the Internet has simply grown too large to use the classic scatter shot type of advertisement that people are used to.

If you want to be successful you have to adapt. And that’s exactly what the Patriot Funnel System is doing.

PFS is system that guides customers who are right for the product towards it instead of just hoping that they find it among the other 100 million search results that come up on their search page.

And it works like a dream. PFS can earn people just like you up to $3,300 a day. And you get to work whenever and wherever you want. All you need is 1 hour to get started.

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Joseph Smith

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