The Best The Internet Has To Offer

Did you know who Candace Payne was before May of 2016?

Probably not. But that’s the Internet for you. Unknown one day and a celebrity the next day.

You know Payne as the Chewbacca mom. A few weeks ago Payne posted a video of her trying out a Chewbacca mask and having a blast doing it. Her video was so funny that within days it racked up over a 100 million views and counting.

But Payne’s video got her much more than millions of views.

The department store chain where she bought the mask gave her and her whole family the masks and other toys plus $2,500 in gift cards. She’s been on Good Morning America and late night talk shows. She met the actor who plays Chewbacca and even J.J. Abrams the director of the last Star Wars film.

But while all that’s great why should you care?

Because if you have something special the Internet is the way to share it with people. Payne’s incredible laughter is so contagious that you can’t help but at least smile when you watch her video.

But you don’t need to make a viral video for the Internet to change your life. All you need is a strong work ethic and dedication and the Internet can make you way more than whatever some Chewbacca masks and thousands in gift cards are worth.

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