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Archeologists were recently working at a Roman battle sight in Scotland when they found something strange. Rocks about the size of an acorn with holes drilled through them. Other rock like these have been found and historians always thought that the rocks were fired out of hand held slings and the holes were for poison.

But these rocks wouldn’t break skin and the holes were too small to hold poison. The archeologists were stumped.

Then they got the answer form somewhere they never expected. John Reid (one of the archeologists) had a brother who was a fisherman. After telling him about the mystery, his brother told him that some of his fishing weights have holes in them that whistle when they’re in the air.

And Reid had the answer.

The Romans didn’t use the stones to physically harm their enemies. They used them to scare them.

Soldiers would fling the stones just above the heads of the soldiers. The stones whistled and the enemy soldiers naturally kept their heads down. Not only scarring them but limiting their vision.

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