Why Are You Being Held Back

Summertime is movie time.

Which means that in the next couple of months multi-million dollar films will roll out of a studio system specifically designed to make money for the studios. And mediocre films.

That means there are a ton of talented people being held back by the film industry. You’re probably thinking, “I’m not in the film industry so why should I care?” But you should care because you could be one of those people even if you work in a cubicle 9-5.

Take a look at the film An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn. The film is about a director who wants to make a movie that shows Hollywood for what is really is. A bunch of greedy executives cutting up great films so they can make the most money possible.

So in the film the main character makes his film and it trashes Hollywood. Of course the studio executives see the film and revise it so it’s more Hollywood friendly.

But here’s the crazy part.

While they were making this movie the studio was doing exactly the same thing. Of course the people who put millions of dollars into the film wanted it to make as much money as possible. And an angry film about Hollywood wasn’t going to do it.

So they recut the film so much that the director wouldn’t even put his real name on it by the time it was released. Even the lead actors were saying the film was terrible.

But what does this have to do with average Joe and his cubicle?

When the people at the top of the ladder rely on the people below them to fill their wallets they’ll take serious action to make sure it happens.

In the film industry that means executives taking control of films. In the real world it could mean your boss telling you exactly what to do and when to do it or even being fired.

But you can leave that all behind and make money for yourself now.

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