Why You Should Go for The (1.7 million Tunas)

$1.7 Million Tunas, And An Essential Lesson For Your Home Business
Why You Should Go For The Big Fish ($1.7 Million Tunas)
The “Bluefin Tuna” Method For Success Online

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The bluefin tuna is considered a delicacy by connoisseurs.

And it’s not cheap.

A single fish can easily fetch $5,000 in the market.

It’s not uncommon for the fish to cost upwards of $7,000.

Some have been known to sell at over $100,000.

The most expensive bluefin ever sold?


Now, these fish aren’t easy to catch.

They can swim at 40 mph.

They’re strong. Large bluefins weigh 800+ lbs. of boat-towing muscle.

But it’s worth the extra effort.

Because a single fish can pull a huge profit.

Consider how many small, $20 or even $50 fish you’d have to catch to make up for just one $7,000 bluefin: between 100-300.

So why all the talk about fish?

It serves as a good illustration for an important principle in online business.

In your online business, you can take one of two approaches:

(1) You can attempt to sell lots of low-ticket products.

What are “low-ticket” products? Products with a small price tag.

They’re easier to sell. But because you don’t make much off of them, you have to sell a LOT of them.


(2) You can attempt to sell a few high-ticket products.

This is the “bluefin tuna” way.

Go for the big fish.

They’re hard to tackle… but you just need a handful to make your monthly earnings.

So overall, it’s far EASIER to pull a profit from the big fish.

MTTB teaches you the “bluefin tuna” way of pulling a profit online.

And it not only walks you through the steps of how to sell high-ticket products.

It also GIVES you done-for-you, high-ticket products to sell.

Which is partly why the program has been so successful.

People using this system have earned over $59,000,000 in commissions.

There’s no way they could have earned those numbers had they been selling small-ticket products.

Ready to learn how start your online business?

The “Bluefin tuna” way?

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