Juno How To Make A Fortune ?

Your probably haven’t heard the name Juno since your high school English class. But for the past few weeks it’s filled headlines and news stories.

NASA’s Juno spacecraft went into orbit around Jupiter on July 4th. But Juno isn’t just another satellite we’ve sent into space to be forgotten about. It’s freaking incredible.

Juno has been travelling through space for five years and 445 million miles to reach Jupiter. But other spacecraft have done that. Here’s what make Juno special.

It’s a solar powered spacecraft that sends out signals weaker than a call on your cell phone 445 million miles from Earth with the same amount of memory storage as your laptop. Doesn’t sound like much, huh?

Don’t be fooled. it’s able to endure radiation that’s 20,000 times as intense as Earth’s and travel around Jupiter at 260,000 kilometers per hour (165,000 MPH).

But why should you care?

Because we have a solar powered nuclear bomb shelter spinning around Jupiter 10 times faster than a space shuttle 445 million miles away from Earth and you’re still stuck at a desk job that your parents and their parents did before you.

Sure. Our society doesn’t look like Back to the Future, but there are way too many possibilities and opportunities provided by modern technology for you to be earning a living the same way people have for decades and decades.

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