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OMG. Did U C the Kim K and T Swift battle on Twitter?

Last week, Kim Kardashian released a video that showed Taylor Swift approving a lyric in a song that she later was outraged over.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

You probably could care less what Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift are doing, but there’s a method to the madness. And It could make you a fortune online.

Few people want to hear this junk and even fewer actually care about it.

But why is it what most people use their computers for?

Computers are social media on steroids. People can scroll through multiple tabs from multiple social media platforms reading every gossip headline imaginable.

Then they can wage a war in the comments and argue whatever they want however long they want all from the safety of their keyboard without ever having to actually face the person they’re fighting.

But computers didn’t start this way.

When they were first created, computers were for the smartest people in the world. People who were developing technology that would connect the entire world one day. People who understood computer code and microchips.

And now computers are for worthless gossip stories, misleading information, scams, and wasting time.

But you can change all that by working for MTTB.

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