How To Make Boy Band Money Online

When people think of The Backstreet Boys, they think of what’s wrong with the music industry.

Heavily produced. Trendy. Performers that rely on looks and dance moves rather than musical talent.

But people loved The Backstreet Boys so much that they overlooked everything that was wrong with their music and launched them to ridiculous success.

There’s no better example than their most popular song, “I Want It That Way.”

Read the lyrics. They make zero sense.

“But we are two worlds apart
Can’t reach to your heart
When you say
That I want it that way”

You can try and work it out all you want, but there’s no good meaning or explanation to them.

The reason?

Because when Max Martin co-wrote the song he was still learning English.

The Backstreet Boys’ music was so popular that people liked it no matter what it meant, or didn’t mean.

It was still a huge success because it used a simple and effective formula.

When you combine good looking guys, an already popular band, and sugary lyrics you’re probably going to have a hit.

It’s all about the formula.

Like MTTB.

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