What You And Olympic Athletes Have In Common

When the Rio Olympics begin, the controversy about Brazil and the poor state that it’s in will die down until the games are over.

Which is good, because some of the most unlikely athletes in the world will compete against people who’ve been training their entire lives for these few weeks.

Take Rami Anis for example.

Anis is a 25-year-old Syrian who was forced to spend the last few years fleeing his home, making the dangerous journey from Turkey to Greece, and working his way through Europe into a steady setting where he can train.

In just a few days he’ll be competing against athletes that have been training in multi-million dollar facilities for years. Athletes who have teams of people monitoring their every bodily function. Athletes who have been groomed by an entire country to win.

But it doesn’t matter whether Anis wins the gold or comes in dead last.

The point is that if you have the will, you don’t need what everyone else has.

Just like the refugee athletes competing in the Olympics don’t need all the advantages the other athletes have, you don’t need the expensive degree or the long resume to earn a fortune.

All you need is a strong will.

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