Do You Remember The Pepsi And Coke Challenge

Pepsi and Coke have been locked in a battle over the soft drink market since…. forever.

That’s why it’s no surprise that Coke did something unthinkable to fight Pepsi, and if you keep reading to find out what it was you’ll discover a simple business system that can earn you online wealth.

In the early 90s, Pepsi was looking for a new product that appeared to be healthier.

So they came up with Crystal Pepsi.

The drink was completely clear and caffeine free, so it was marketed as “pure” and “healthy.”

And in the first year it was launched, Crystal Pepsi earned $474 million.

But then Coke got a funny idea.

They took one of their underperforming brands, called Tab, and made “Tab Clear.”

But when Coke marketed Tab Clear they did everything wrong.


They used the unpopular Tab brand. They made Tab Clear sugar free and caffeine free so that consumers would think that Crystal Pepsi was sugar free too, and they made it out to be a diet drink which are always less popular.

Within six months of the launch of Tab Clear, both drinks were dead.


Because Tab Clear was sold next to Crystal Pepsi and it showed everything that consumers don’t like in a soft drink. Crystal Pepsi died just because it was clear too.

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