Anvils, Dynamite And Trampolines

Anvils, dynamite, trampolines, tractors, poison, kites, cacti, cement.

What do they all have in common?

They’re all tools that Wile E. Coyote used to try and catch the Roadrunner.

And if you know anything about the Coyote you know that every tool or ruse that he used

backfired on him.

No matter how many ACME products he bought, they all failed to catch the Roadrunner.

Because he overcomplicated things.

He bought all the flashy gadgets and plans that promised to make the biggest boom, but none

of them worked because he constantly overcomplicated things.

But that’s a cartoon. And you’re a real person so why should you care?

Because when it comes to earning your living online, people are going to try and sell you on

all the flashy gadgets and things that make the biggest boom.

They’ll show you graphs and numbers and client lists and flow charts and everything under

the sun to explain how their system works.

But they’re overcomplicating things just like Wile E.

Because all you need to earn your living online is a few simple things.

Find out how simple it can be to make money online…



Joseph Smith

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