Rule Online Marketing

For most people social media is an information wasteland.

For every piece of useful information there are a dozen viral news stories that have no

solid facts backing them up and hundreds average people posting pictures of themselves doing

average things, or whatever is on their mind.

It’s a total information dump.

But some people make their living off it.

Celebrities and athletes run their social media accounts like they’re businesses.

They integrate products into their daily lives so that their followers will think they’re

being honest and actually use the products while they get paid to show them.

And they make a lot of money doing it.

But while they may look like they own it, you never see the people who profit the most from

the internet.

Because the actual kings and queens of the internet are the ones who make money every time

someone logs on.

The rulers of the internet don’t micromanage accounts or find the right ratio between real

posts and advertising. They don’t have to build up millions of followers or friends and keep

them entertained to stay relevant.

They simply post ads online and let the money roll in from the millions of views they get.

They just place ads in the right place at the right time.

Just take Matt Lloyd for example.

He earned himself $51,373,000 over 5 years by placing ads online.

And now you have access to the system that allowed him to do it…



Joseph Smith

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