Why Cheaters All Ways Prosper ?

My eighth grade science teacher was a genius. No, not at science. At catching her students

cheating on tests.

First, she would walk through the downstairs bathrooms to check the paper towels for notes.

THEN she would make us take off our sweatshirts, in case anyone had written on their


THEN she would force pairs of friends to sit on opposite sides of the classroom.

And THEN we would finally take our test.

She knew more about cheating than we did!

Well, maybe besides Brian. Brian never cared what the teacher thought.

I always wondered what would happen if Brian whistled and snapped his fingers, and a team of

professional scientists appeared to explain the confusing words, highlight the trick

questions, and discuss all the possible ways to approach the essay questions.

In grade school that’s called cheating. In small business, that’s called coaching.

Here’s the problem.

Too many small business owners are acting like they’re in eighth grade.

They’re trying to do everything themselves. Why? To impress the science teacher?

Newsflash: School’s out.

With MTTB, your business will get personalized help:
• a professional sales staff who will make phone sales for you
• your very own Top Tier personal coach
• a well-oiled product fulfillment team
• professional payment processing
• winsome customer service
Here’s the best part: It’s not cheating.

It’s just smart business.

If Brian was allowed to take his tests with a team of professional scientists, he’d be the

most success in the class.

Eighth grade is over.

MTTB is proven to make small businesses successful. And that’s science.

Click below to join Brian.

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Joseph Smith

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