The One Thing You Need To Earn A Fortune Online

You don’t need a social media account with a million followers to make money online.

As long as it’s the right tool.

Just ask John Dillinger.

Dillinger was one of the most infamous American gangsters of all time.

This guy didn’t just rob banks in the 1930’s, he robbed police stations!

He was so bad that the FBI had to totally rebuild itself to catch him.

In 1934, the police finally caught up with Dillinger and locked him away in a “escape proof” prison. Besides being under a heavy watch, there were also 50 guards stationed outside the prison so that if Dillinger did escape, he wouldn’t get far.

But Dillinger knew that if he had the right tool he didn’t need much to escape.

So he carved a wooden pistol under the noses of the guards and made them think they it was real to stage a breakout.

With his fake pistol he locked his guards in a cell and drove right past the 50 men who were supposed to make sure he had no chance of escaping.

All with a wooden pistol.

This email isn’t meant to tell you to break the law. It’s meant to show you that when you use the right tool for the job anything is possible.

Like how if you use MTB to earn a living online, the sky is the limit on your income.

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Joseph Smith

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