Textbooks. Epipens And Your Livelihood

From presidential candidates to high school kids who could care less about politics, there’s at least one thing everyone agrees on.

College is expensive.

Just look at textbooks.

Students can expect to spend hundreds of dollars on textbooks every semester. And even that’s with buying discounted used books.

But now students can’t even rely on used textbooks anymore.

Because universities are using books paired with online sites.

The only way to buy the textbook is with an online code.

Which means students now have to buy brand new textbooks that they won’t be able to sell back just so they can turn in their homework online.

Because when people need something, it’s natural for the seller to take advantage of them.

Maybe you’ve been out of college for years and don’t care about students being ripped off.

Just know this…when people need something, it’s natural for the seller to take advantage of them.

And one day you’re going to run into someone who’s going to take advantage of you.

Whether it’s a loan agency or a lousy contractor, you’ll do business with someone who wants to turn a profit from your necessity.

So what can you do?

Rely on the government to make things more affordable for you? (Good luck with that)

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