Why Getting By Isen’t Good Eneough

Are you just trying to get by?

Have you told yourself that if you can just make it through the next couple of months everything will be better?

When I got my first job I learned quickly that sometimes to get yourself through the day you have to divide it up into small portions.

That 8-hour shift turned into into two shifts divided by lunch.

In the morning, I would tell myself that, “I just need to make it to lunch and I’ll feel better,” and then in the afternoon I would say, “I just need to make it to the end of the day and I can go home and not worry about work.”

And for awhile it worked.

But soon those two shifts became four. To push myself through another hour I would have to tell my self, “just make it until 8”, “Just make it until 9,” “Just make it until 10.”

No matter how much I divided my day up, it was always a struggle to make it through work.

That’s just the way it is, so there’s nothing you can do about it right?


The reason why I was struggling to find motivation to make it through my work day was because I wasn’t seeing anything worth working for.

I didn’t get any satisfaction from the actual work and the paycheck was so small that I felt like crying instead of smiling when I saw it.

Every minute was miserable.

But what if you could work from your own computer? What if you could change your scenery anytime you want? What if you could work from the beach one day, a plane the next, and then the mountains the next?

Then you wouldn’t be counting the minutes to quitting time.

You’d be loving every minute of life.

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Joseph Smith

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