Shark Tank Failure Leads to 28 Million

Jamie Siminoff created a gadget that you can install in your door.

It alerts your phone when someone rings your doorbell and shows you a video of the person at the door.

Siminoff took his idea to “Shark Tank” to see if he could get funding.

He hoped to raise $700,000 for his company, but couldn’t reach a deal with any of the investors.

Siminoff left disappointed and tried to put it all behind him.

And then the show aired.

People loved his idea, and his product sold like crazy.

Then Richard Branson got involved.

He invested $28 million!

Sometimes “failure” is better than success!

But here’s the kicker.

You don’t have to be the one going through the failures.

Matt Lloyd spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars failing, before he finally hit on the online system that’s made his company over $52 million.

Avoid the failures, skip right to the success…



Joseph Smith

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