Here’s What All The Buzz About

Headlines all around the world spoke of it.

20,000 people cancelled their subscriptions to the magazine that published the story.

Hate mail arrived by the basket.

People wrote directly to the author and begged him to change his mind.

What happened?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle killed Sherlock Holmes.

Holmes was such a brilliant character that people couldn’t stand to not have him around. They did everything in their power to bring him back to life.

So Doyle raised him from the dead.

When people clamour for something, wait it in line, even complain…you know you’re on to something hot.

And no online system has generated as much “buzz” as this one.

If they took it away, affiliates all over the world, making thousands of dollars per month, would raise holy heck!

What’s all the buzz about?

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Joseph Smith

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