Your Hidden Strength

When Tony Iommi was 17 he lost the tips of his middle and ring finger on his right hand.

But it wasn’t just physically painful for Iommi. Because when he lost the tips of his fingers his dreams were crushed .

At the time Iommi was looking for a way to avoid a boring desk job.

He hoped that he could make a living from his guitar, but when he lost the tips of his fingers it looked like his dream was lost too.

But Iommi found a way to keep playing.

He put two thimble like medal caps where the tips of his fingers used to be and tuned his guitar so that they could bend the strings easier.

Which made the guitar sound lower.

Which led to his band (Black Sabbath) having a unique sound. Their sound was so unique that other bands started copying it, which eventually led to the birth of heavy metal.

His injury should’ve stopped him from playing, but he found a way to turn his injury into an asset.

And now you can do the same thing with that bad taste that working a desk job leaves in your mouth.

You know, that feeling that tells you that you’re wasting your time sitting behind a desk and makes going to work miserable.

That feeling that stops you from putting all your effort into your desk job.

If your career is being held back by the fact that you can’t stand to sit behind a desk or in an office, it’s time to turn what you thought was holding you back into the thing that will set you apart.

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Joseph Smith

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