Traffic Is Hard… This Is Easy

If you’re thinking about how to make money online, you should check out a recent article form Adweek.

In it, leading ad buyers from across the industry say which traffic platforms work and which ones don’t.

Here are the quick hits…

Pinterest’s app marketing is falling behind.

Facebook and Google are going to make you fight tooth and claw to get to their data.

AOL has a good platform but a poor public image.

YouTube advertising is difficult because the platform doesn’t allow people to find and share with their friends the same way social media does.

Spotify has a lot of room to grow but is pricing out some advertisers.

Twitter returns are not what they should be and their dashboard is not as user friendly as others.

The net-net?

Traffic can be hard. Traffic changes all the time. Traffic requires attention and study.

Which means, you better have the rest of your sales funnel working like a well-oiled Ferrari.

It better be proven, predictable, and flexible.

And that’s what you get with MTTB.

Listen, you can’t control the whims of the traffic Gods.

They are wildly unpredictable.

But you can control your sales funnel.

You can have a funnel that cranks out customers predictable and profitably, month after month after month.

Get it here…



Joseph Smith

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