What You And Charlie Bucket Have In Common

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory may me one of the most popular stories of all time.


Because everyone loves an underdog.

Throughout the film it’s clear that Charlie has no chance of getting a golden ticket.

He’s doesn’t even have enough money to buy one chocolate bar and other kids all around the world are buying thousands.

But he gets lucky, and the last thing we see is Charlie riding the elevator through the glass ceiling with his new factory below.

And while that’s great for kids, there’s a very serious message hidden within.

Charlie had to fight tooth and nail just to have a chance at making it into the chocolate factory while the other kids sat back and relaxed.

All so he could break the glass ceiling at the end of the story.

This same story happens every day in the online marketing world.

There are a few online advertisers who have the resources and knowledge to earn more money in a month than most people do in years.

In fact, only 3% of online marketers earn over 90% of the money made through online advertising.

In the story, Charlie was able to break the glass ceiling and out earn the other kids.

But real life isn’t a story with a happy ending.

In real life, 97% of online marketers are struggling to earn what they can of the 10% that’s left.
And the 3% that aren’t don’t intend on helping anyone else break the glass ceiling by sharing their marketing secrets anytime soon.

But here’s a rare chance to cash in on the marketing secrets of the 3%.

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