The Worldwide Pandemic You Never Knew About

People all over the world were forced to evacuate cities because they were filled with infected dead bodies. Regulators set up quarantine zones. People avoided other people.

But the disease still spread and killed thousands.

And this isn’t a movie or a book. This actually happened in 2005 and it was a worldwide pandemic.

A worldwide World of Warcraft pandemic.

In 2005 the makers of the global computer game World of Warcraft accidentally introduced a bug that spread from player to player and slowly drained their health until they dropped dead.

Just like a real disease.

It got so bad that the game makers had to reset their servers to end it.

But that wasn’t the end of what came to be called the corrupted blood incident.

Because researchers from everywhere from Tufts University in Massachusetts to the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel have studied the incident and the response from the people who “lived” through it.


Influential thinkers actually studied a disease breakout in World of Warcraft because the game has created an accurate enough representation of civilisation that it’s a semi-accurate model of what would happen if there was a real life pandemic.

Technology is evolving beyond our wildest dreams these days. From driver-less cars to video games that are so accurate that researchers study them, what used to be science fiction is becoming reality.

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Joseph Smith

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