You’ll Never See These Bullets Coming

Are you shooting yourself down?

Thomas Attridge was an American test pilot in the 1950’s.

On September 21st, 1956 Attridge was test flying a jet for the military.

As a part of the test, he fired the machine gun at 13,000 feet.

Then, he descended to 7,000 to test the machine gun at a lower altitude.

But before he could his plane was ripped apart by gunfire. He crash landed and broke his leg and back.

Where did the bullets come from?

Not from an enemy jet, but from his own plane.

When Attridge tested his gun at higher altitude and then descended, he actually lost altitude at the perfect speed and angle to collide with his own bullets as they fell to the ground.

He literally shot himself down.

And if you’re doing the same thing to your career by sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day.

When you work a typical desk job not only are you wasting hours of valuable time commuting to and from work but you’re also wasting your time earning money for someone other than yourself.

Sure, you get a cut of the profit.

But are you really getting what your time is worth?

If you are, then good for you. But if you’re like most people, than you deserve to be paid more for your time.

That’s exactly what MTTB can do for you.

MTTB affiliates don’t waste time commuting, talking to customers, or creating ads.

They place them and get paid.

So instead of retiring when they’re older and realizing they should’ve been paid more for all the work they did,

Just like shooting your plane down with your own bullets.

MTTB affiliates are paid for how much their time is actually worth.

Just ask the 370,000 online entrepreneurs who use MTTB if they think their time is better spend behind a desk in an office or behind their own laptop wherever they choose.

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