Is 60-80% Still A Lie ?

Think your ads were doing well on Facebook?

Think again.

Last week Facebook announced that the metric that showed the average time a viewer watched a video was inflated.

And not by a few percentage points.

One ad buying agency said that Facebook overestimated how long someone watched a video by 60-80%.

So what the hell happened?

When Facebook calculated the average time someone watched a video they only divided the number of views over 3 seconds by the number of viewers instead of the total number of views by the number of viewers.

So if you’re advertising on Facebook, things might not be going as well as you thought they were.

Facebook, Google Ad-Words, YouTube and other traffic sources are constantly playing “hide the salami” with advertisers.

Which is why you better be darn sure the REST of your sales funnel is rock solid.

That’s where MTTB comes in.

You send traffic, they take care of the rest.

High converting sales funnels
All customer service taken care of
All shipping and admin handled for you

Sound too good to be true?

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Joseph Smith

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