Are Libraries Turning Into Blockbusters ?

Video games and books are sworn enemies right?

You know, the type of things that simply can’t coexist.

And you might think that in today’s world of apps and VR gaming that video games would have books on the ropes when it comes to young people’s attention.

But there is something surprising going on in libraries all over the country.

According to the Library Journal, 15% of libraries in the United States are carrying video games that can be checked out along with books.

Some are even going as far as setting up big screens and couches so people can play right there.

So have people given up on books?

Are our libraries slowly going to turn into Blockbusters and disappear?

Don’t count on it.

Because by simply getting young people into a library the number of books checked out is growing.

Of course, putting video games in libraries sounds like the exact opposite of how you would get young people to read.

But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, even if it seems wrong or scary.

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Joseph Smith

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